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 The stately manor was in an older part of the city. The bronze plaque set in the stone of the house read:

Dr. Anna Viridiana Morales, PhD
Clinical Psychologist; Sex Therapist; Counselor
Hours by Appointment Only

The ground floor of the house had been renovated into reception, waiting area, counseling salons, recovery rooms, restrooms, counseling spa, and refreshment center. The East wing comprised the reception, waiting, counseling, recovery rooms, spa, restrooms and refreshment center. The west wing contained the Doctor’s files (visual, audio, and written), the Medicare/Medicaid claims office, the insurance claims office and the billing office. Again, associated restroom facilities were located within the west wing. The kitchen had been renovated too, and it functioned as a full service kitchen.

The second story of the home had also been renovated. These rooms comprised the gym and living quarters. There were four bedroom and 3 baths on the second floor. The bedrooms were bright airy and roomy. The baths were king-sized with huge Jacuzzi tubs and separate shower stalls. His and Her lavatories were in place with a counter top to ceiling mirror running full length of the counter in each bath.

Dr. Morales had a Nation-wide reputation as the Sex Therapist who got the most positive results. While she counseled and treated singles and couples for maladies such as erectile dysfunction, pre-mature ejaculation, frigidity, indifference, lack of desire, etc. her specialty was curing women who had issues about being faithful to their partner. The unspoken saying was: If your woman can’t keep her panties on, bring her to Doc Morales. After 2 visits, your girl will never leave the house.

Doctor Morales has agreed to open her files and allow us to publicly document one case. We have agreed to change and alter the pertinent facts in order that the persons involved in the case remain anonymous.

Case number 2010-510524-Fidelity-Radical Treatment
Patients: Luis Alejandro xxxxxxx: age 63; engineer; 2nd marriage
Kitana Isabella Consuela xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxx: age 32; interior designer, 2nd marriage.

Luis and Kitana arrived at Dr. Morales’ office for their first appointment. Louis truly loved and adored his wife. Her affairs with other men had become a source of embarrassment for Luis. Luis did not wish to divorce his wife. He also had no desire to be a cuckold to unknown other men. Kitana did not see an issue. In her rationalization of her actions, she reasoned that Luis got all the pussy he wanted. Thus if she (Kitana) gave away some pussy to others, what she gave away was not pussy that Luis missed out on. Kitana did not particularly want a divorce, but her reasons were more commercial than love.

Luis had heard of Dr. Morales from a work colleague. He performed some extensive research on line and in the library. He compiled the information and brought it all home. He sat with Kitana, carefully and lucidly explaining his thinking, his position, and his desire to address the issues in their union. Kitana, knowing that $$$ were at risk, agreed to participate in the counseling sessions. Inwardly, Kitana reasoned she would have to be more judicious and discreet in her extra marital searches for big dick.

The couple entered the reception area and told the receptionist their names and the appointment time. The receptionist explained they were early, showed them into the waiting area, and pointed out the refreshment room. Luis prepared a cup of tea for himself and his wife.

Luis and Kitana waited but a few moments before being summoned to Dr. Morales’ office. Introductions were made and Dr. Morales asked how the couple happened to learn of her. Luis explained that a colleague of his had used Dr. Morales’ services. This caused Luis to do some research on the web and in the library. He discussed the research and his findings with Kitana and they concurred that Dr. Morales was probably the best person to aid them in addressing their issues.

The doctor nodded and remained silent for a few moments. Finally she spoke and asked what did the couple feel was their largest issue?

Luis started by saying that Kitana’s infidelity caused him pain and embarrassment. In his mind this was the largest issue. Kitana differed without being specific. She said that she felt Luis was becoming too restrictive due to speculation and rumor rather than fact.

Dr. Morales stopped them at that moment. Looking at both she stated: “it is obvious that you Luis and your wife have very different views on this matter. I want you to know that is common in couple counseling. Very often, what one member of the couple perceives as the issue is not at all what the other sees as the issue. I agree to take on your case; however, before I ask you both to agree and sign on in agreement with me, I need to openly tell you both a few facts.”

Luis and Kitana looked at each other and nodded. Luis turned to Dr. Morales and said that he and Kitana wanted to go forward and they were open to the doctor’s comments.

Dr. Morales stated: “you must promise not to comment or rebut any comment made by your partner. You must accept that some things will be said that will cause you pain and hurt feelings. Tearing down old myths and built in mechanisms is an integral part of the repair and rebuilding process. What is discussed here and occurs here is to remain here. You are obliged to sign non-disclosure forms and confidentiality forms as well as proprietary agreement forms. My methods are not open for debate or discussion. You will either accept my treatment methods or you will immediately leave. I offer no guarantees. I offer only a track record of success with references. Do you accept these terms?”

Luis instantly agreed. Kitana was silent. She then asked if the comments made by either her or Luis would be made in private sessions with the doctor or with all 3 present. Dr. Morales smiled and said, “Very good question Kitana. In this case and circumstance with your husband, and hearing you both state that you see different issues between you, I would recommend that we start by having individual sessions and end by having collective sessions.”

Kitana smiled and a responded that in that case, she fully agreed with the Doctor’s terms. Luis, now seemed reluctant, but seeing the new enthusiasm Kitana had, he concurred again to Doctor Morales’ terms.

“Very well then,” said the doctor. Luis, I wish to start with Kitana. Will you return to the waiting area and amuse yourself there until I call for you. Luis looked back and forth between the very attractive doctor and his very beautiful wife. At last, he nodded his assent, rose and exited the doctor’s office to return to the waiting area.

After Luis left the room, Dr. Morales looked at Kitana for a long long moment. Finally she spoke and said, “Ok whore. Tell me why you are offering pussy to every other man you meet?”

Kitana was shocked to hear such blatant remarks. She opened her mouth to protest, but at that instant, Dr. Morales slapped her viciously. “Don’t even think about protesting or denying that you are a whore. You are a whore Kitana. You know it, I know it. And 95% of the men you have been fucking know it. Your trick and concern should be making sure your rich old husband doesn’t know you are a whore! Don’t you agree?”

One cheek burning and the other aflame from the slap, Kitana thought for a second and then nodded in agreement.

“Allow me to make some guesses about you Kitana. One- you were a very sexually precocious child. You were sexually active at a very young age. You dropped out of school and obtained a forged ID. You worked in strip clubs and although you had no pimp, you had a domineering boy friend. You have one child from the former bf. You finally tossed the bf because you found older men that wanted you for sex, and you used them as a means of income, and as a means of obtaining an education. At least you had sense enough to know you could not strip forever. No need to say anything. I can tell from your open mouth that I am very accurate in my conclusions.”

“You met Luis at some function. You flirted, he responded. He asked you out and you accepted. It was plain to you early on that Luis was crazy about you. And you, while not in love with him, recognized the advantages of being his wife. Advantages to you and your child. And you used the weapons you have at hand. You fucked Luis until his eyes were crossed and then you sucked his dick. At that moment, he would have given you the moon had you asked for it.”

Kitana was stunned. Almost every item the doctor stated was correct. Kitana wondered if the doctor had her followed by a detective and had the detective do an exhaustive back ground check.

Dr. Morales laughed and said, “OK Kitana, now tell me why you have trouble keeping your panties on. I mean reasons more than you are a horny bitch.”

Kitana’s face burned from shame and anger, and also from the truth of Doctor Morales’ assessments. She remained silent.

Doctor Morales looked at Kitana and her voice softened. “Kitana, let me explain to you what I think is at stake for you. If you refuse to speak and participate, the Luis is going to conclude you have feelings for someone other than him. And maybe you do. The point is Luis will give you your walking papers.”

“You will leave the marriage with your clothes and your son’s clothes. Nothing more. Think about it. If you go along with the assessments and initial visits, you may be able to salvage a healthy settlement from Luis. And if you stay for the entire counseling program and have a second go at being a good and faithful wife, you may end up with the whole pie. Luis isn’t young you know. Think about it.”

Kitana remained silent, but her mind whirled. She knew the doctor was correct. If she made no effort Luis would indeed divorce her. And the pre-nup was clear and iron clad. She would walk with nothing. Back on the street and maybe even back to stripping. She couldn’t do that again. Not now and after her current lifestyle.

Kitana nodded her head at Doctor Morales. “What do you want to know?” She asked. Anna Morales give a slight hint at a smile. “Why do you have trouble keeping your panties on your ass?”

Kitana sighed, “Doctor, Luis is a really super and nice guy. And he spoils me to death. I love him but I am not in love with him. Ya know what I mean? To make it worse, Luis loves and treats my son as his own. No matter the occasion or the location, Luis always says, ‘this is my son James.’ That makes me feel so proud and so good. Honestly, I care for Luis a lot, but we have some issues.”

“Doctor, I know I have a good husband. It isn’t his fault he was sorely shorted in the penis department. I mean, Luis has a toothpick and I am looking for a log. That is one issue. The second issue is that Luis is now crazy about blow jobs. So he cums when I suck his dick. That finishes him. I don’t even get the toothpick.”

“Doctor Morales, I like my pussy stuffed. I have been that way since I began having sex. You look at me and I am tiny. I am not even 5’ tall, and I weigh 95 lbs. I have enhanced breasts, but my legs and ass are nature’s gift to me. I work out 4 days a week and do yoga every day. I have a huge sex drive, and I want big big dicks. Doctor, you look at me and you would not think it possible, but my pussy can swallow a 12” dick. My hot cunt can stretch vertically and horizontally. As much as I have feelings for Luis, he can never fill my cunt.”

Doctor Morales nodded her head and sat back in her chair. She asked Kitana if she had tied to speak to Luis about this issue. Kitana said she had. She said she got Luis tipsy one evening and made him go to an adult shop with her. She said she wanted to get him to buy a couple of really large dildos but Luis was too shy and embarrassed. Kitana said she went back to the shop a few days later and bought the dildos herself. She admitted she used them to work her hot little pussy after Luis had gone to sleep.

Doctor Morales thanked Kitana for her frank honesty. She told Kitana that speaking privately with Luis was the next step. Doctor Morales explained that she was going to relate to Luis what Kitana had said. Doctor Morales told Kitana not worry, Luis was an adult and while he may have hurt feelings for a day or so, he would get over it. The key was having Luis accept Kitana’s issues as real issues and for Kitana to accept Luis’ feelings about Kitana giving away pussy. Once acceptance was achieved by both parties, a solution could be formed, proposed, discussed, and hopefully implemented.

Kitana actually breathed a huge sigh. She felt like there was a solution to the problem. Kitana felt as though the world had been lifted from her. She thanked Doctor Morales. The doctor had Kitana exit out to the recovery room. She explained that when the light above the office door turned red, Luis was in the office and Kitana could return to the waiting area. Kitana was crying as she left the Doctor’s office. Maybe there was a way to salvage everything she thought. She really did not want a divorce from Luis.

Doctor Morales called her receptionist and asked her to tell Luis to come into the counseling salon. Luis entered, bid the doctor hello and looking around and not seeing his wife asked her location. Doctor Morales explained to Luis that Kitana revealed a number of things. Some of these were very upsetting to her. The doctor explained that private time to recover and ponder the counseling session was a key part of the therapy process.

Doctor Morales invited Luis to sit. After he was seated, the doctor asked him what he felt were the 2 or 3 key issues that he wished to discuss about Kitana and their marriage. Luis looked away and bit his lower lip. Breathing deeply, he turned back to the doctor and said in a low and slow voice, “I cannot please my wife in bed. I do not have the equipment or the stamina she seeks for happiness. This saddens me. I think Kitana is having affairs with strange men.”

Doctor Morales looked at Luis and asked, “Luis, tell me this. Other than enlarging your dick, and that is not possible, would you do most anything to assist and help Kitana achieve some happiness and pleasure, and at the same time you attain a measure of happiness and pleasure?”

Luis studied the question for a lengthy period. Finally he answered, “I think that Kitana and I could reach a compromise. My fear is that Kitana’s version of the compromise is that I allow her to have a lover or lovers. This I cannot do. It is a man thing and a Latino thing. I do not want to divorce Kitana. I love her very much. I love our son James. I do not want to lose either of them, yet I cannot allow her to make me the cuckold of the decade.”

Now it was Doctor Morales that took a long pause before speaking. “Luis, what I have to tell may be painful now. But, like all pain, it subsides and eventually it is nothing but an unpleasant memory. Kitana has had a few sexual affairs. The number is irrelevant. The reason for Kitana’s affairs is purely physical. On an emotional level, she loves you and she has the utmost respect for you. Kitana recognizes that you cannot abide being a cuckold. She wants to arrive at a compromise. Luis, in plain language, Kitana is woman that loves big dicks. She craves having her hot little pussy stuffed and stretched. That is why Kitana has had a few affairs. It is not an emotional thing with her, it is completely physical. Kitana has to have a big huge dick plowing her cunt, or she cannot orgasm.”

Tears were rolling down Luis’ cheeks. Doctor Morales moved forward to hug him. She whispered to him in Spanish, “All is not lost. There are old ways from the old country that can remedy this problem. Unfortunately Luis, there is no remedy for your little dick. That is what it is. There is a remedy for Kitana’s issue.”

“The remedy Luis requires you to accept Kitana having 1 lover. A lover that will reside in your home and one that you can control and command. Can you accept such a lover for you beautiful wife? Can you accept 1 lover under the conditions I describe? Can you accept that no one at all will ever know, in fact no one will even suspect that your beautiful little Latina hot pussy vixen has a live in lover? Think about Luis. You are going to get all the pussy you want until the day you pass. Kitana is going to have her sweet hot pussy stretched and filled like it has never been stretched or filled before in her life.”

Luis was trembling. He muttered to the doctor, “Are you referring to a maricon?” Doctor Morales laughed. “No my dear Senor Luis, I am not referring to that. Many years ago, in some elite and discreet areas of Mexico, that would have been a solution. With the various health issues associated with those people in this day and time, that is no longer a practical solution. And I am not referring to a chauffeur, a butler, or a gardener. I have another idea in mind.”

“But before I begin making plans and arrangements to implement my solution, I have to have your solemn word that you will exercise every ounce and means of patience with my solution. Kitana is fragile, and although she must be punished for making you a cuckold, she is trying to work out an equitable solution. Will you give me your word to use all the patience you have and to allow me to proceed in my own manner? If I fail to cure Kitana from seeking other men, you do not owe me a penny, and I will recommend another therapist and by using professional courtesy, his services will be at no charge.”

Luis thought a moment and asked again, “do I have to watch my Kitana having her beautiful sweet pussy ravaged by a dick the size of my arm?”

Doctor Morales chuckled again and said, “Luis, please trust me. I have an idea and the makings of a plan that I believe will 100% satisfy Kitana and 100% satisfy you. I am not at liberty to divulge any more at this moment. I will tell you this though, if my idea and plan is successful, your bill will be One Hundred Thousand dollars. Are you prepared to pay such an extravagant price?”

Luis raised himself to his full height and said, “Senora Dottore, I will pay that and 10 times that if you can deliver what you say.”

Anna Morales smiled again and said, “no, no Luis. The bill will be $100,000.”

Doctor Morales brought Kitana back into the consultation room. Doctor Morales explained that she had a plan. She was not ready to divulge her plan at present. All she would say is that her plan would allow Kitana to get the huge big dick her hot little pussy needed and it would allow Luis to hold his head up secure that no one had any idea of the couple achieved sexual satisfaction.

Doctor Morales invited Luis and Kitana back to her office/home on Saturday afternoon for a small garden party. She said it would be just the three of them and some time during the party the plan would be revealed. Luis and Kitana looked skeptical, but Doctor Morales simple said they were to trust her and come back on Saturday about 4 in the afternoon.

Saturday: Early Afternoon at the home of Luis and Kitana

Luis returned home at noon from playing golf. He stripped his clothing and strode to the shower. As he entered the master bathroom, he found Kitana seated on her make-up bench. She was softly whimpering. Luis went to her and placed his hands on her shoulders. “Babe, don’t fret. Try not to stress or become uneasy. I love you. I am confidant we can come to a solution that is acceptable to you and me. I cannot tell you how my heart leapt when I learned you did not want a divorce.”

“I was upset at your affairs, but I have concluded, your actions were not the actions of someone who was seeking love. You sought the deep inner filling that can only be achieved by penetration a huge lustful chorizo. Unfortunately my love, chorizo mio esta muy poquito. Like a Vienna Sausage!” Kitana laughed, not in jest but at the levity Luis thrust into the tense situation.

Luis smiled in return and said to his wife, “I have love in my heart for you and for James. Please know that and that we shall overcome these issues.”

Kitana rose and lightly kissed her husband. “Are you going to have a shower?” She asked Luis. “If you are, may I join you?” Luis smiled and said he would be honored if his beautiful wife joined him in the shower. Kitana reached into one of the drawers at her cosmetic station and removed a shower cap. Piling her long wavy black hair into a loose chignon Kitana covered it all with the shower cap.

While she was covering her hair, Luis started the shower water. He entered and adjusted the water to warm. He wanted to be clean yet he had no desire to perspire for the next hour because he had opened his pores. As Luis lathered himself, Kitana eased the shower stall door open. The shower stall was huge. It measured 7’ x 6’. It had three shower heads, one on the front wall, one along a side wall, and the third on the rear wall. The shower contained a bench seat and wall handles for those unable to stand.

Kitana had a loofah and the Olay bath soap. She began to wash Luis back. Slow circles with the sponge and light scratches with her nails. Luis stopped his movements to stand and enjoy the moment. Kitana slipped around Luis after rinsing his back. Once in front of Luis, Kitana softly pushed her husband backward until he sat on the bench. Kitana smiled and said in a husky whisper, “I have a small treat for you.”

Kitana turned the water off and reached for a towel. She placed the folded towel on the non-skid shower floor. Kitana dropped to her knees and pushed Luis so his back was flush against the wall and his ass was on the edge of the bench. Taking his tiny dick in her hand, Kitana whispered to it, “poor itty bitty Vienna sausage dick. Don’t worry. Kitana will make you feel better.”

Luis moaned. “Pretty little girl, are you going to suck Daddy’s little dick?”

“Yes Daddy, yes I am.” Was the whispered reply. “Your little puta wife is going to drain your little dickie of all his cum.” Kitana lowered her head and took Luis’ dick into her warm mouth.

With just the slightest of wet tongue licking and sucking, Kitana had elicited an erection from Luis. Granted, fully erect Luis was just a tad over 4” in length and about as big around as his thumb. Small though it was Kitana licked and sucked her husband’s dick.

“You told the doctor you want the big dick, didn’t you babe?” Luis asked his wife. “Your little tiny pussy is starving for that monster pole of dick.” Kitana moaned deeply as Luis spoke to her. “Go on darling, you can tell Daddy. You were out giving that hot pussy to big dick boys, weren’t you?”

“Mmmfff-ii, mmmmfff-ii,” came the reply from Kitana was mouth and lips were wrapped around Luis’ tiny pecker.

Lifting her head from his dick, Kitana looked into her husband’s eyes and said, “Si Papi! My hot pussy betrayed me Papi. She is bad, very bad. She should be punished like the dottore said. But Papi, my little cunny is starved for big big dick. I don’t know why, but the feeling a huge dick banging my cervix is the most intense erotic feeling in the world/”

Kitana lowered her head back to sucking Luis’ dick. She laved Luis’ member with her tongue and then fitting her lips around the small shaft she began sucking him off in earnest. She used her thumb and forefinger to stroke his dick. Luis was in heaven and moaned headily. He looked at his pretty wife sucking his dick with more fervor than she had ever done.

“Your hot pussy wants the big dick, yet you suck my so good. OHHH fuck, little puta Linda. I know you hot pussy is wet wet right now. How many fingers you got in that soaking wet scalding hot cunt? Tell your Papi. Come on whore girl. Tell me. Kitana kept on sucking but she removed her thumb and forefinger from Luis’ dick. She held up 4 fingers and Luis chocked.

“You have 4 fingers stuffed in that hot pussy baby?” Kitana nodded and kept sucking. In a few moments, Luis roared like a wounded lion. “OHHHHH fuck Babe. OHHH fuck you are draining me. You are killing me!!” One, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight, and finally a 9th time, Luis’ dick convulsed and contracted as he shot his ejaculate into Kitana’s mouth.

Kitana continue to suck Luis’ dick until she had the last tiny drop of cum. She cleaned the dick with her tongue and she looked at Luis and said, “I love you Luis. I don’t want to dishonor you. I hope and pray, really pray that Doctor Morales has a solution that will work for us.”

Luis shuddered as Kitana finished orally fucking her husband. Luis looked at his wife and said, “I am very confidant we will work this out.”


The Remedy

Dr. Morales waited at the end of the front walk as Luis and Kitan drove up the circular entry driveway. She smiled brightly at the couple as they exited the automobile. The girls exchanged cheek to cheek air kisses as current young American smart ladies did. Luis and the doctor were more traditional and old worldly. Luis kisses her extended hand and the doctor gave him a formal kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you for having us Doctor,” he said.

“Oh, you must call me by my first name. We are informal today. We are friends with an identical ethnic origin. I am pleased to call you Luis and Kitana and I am Anna.”

Luis and Kitana smiled and replied in unison, “Thank you Anna.”

Kitana commented on the lovely arrangement of flowers and shrubbery. For a few moments they stood in the front court yard to discuss and comment on the azaleas, bougainvilleas, camellias, gardenias, and magnolias that were in full bloom. The smell was heavenly and there seemed to be a hint of a tangy aroma mixed with all the sweet.

Kitana asked about the tangy smell. Anna laughed and said that the sweet smell got to her at times and made her nauseous. She said she planted 2 lemon trees and kept them well pruned. She showed the couple the lemon tress hidden among the gardenias and magnolias. In bloom the lemon blossoms were white yet emitted a refreshing scent.

Entering the house, the maid Christina appeared. She took Luis’ sports jacket and hung it in the closet. As she turned, Anna said, “Christina, please serve the refreshments and hors d’ouevres in the garden. Lay out the marinated steaks and lobster and have the salad ready to toss and dress. Then you may leave. I’ll see you on Monday. I can fend for myself tomorrow.”

“Thank you Doctor Anna, but really, I do not mind staying.” Christina replied. Anna looked at her house worker and a small smile crossed her lips. She had an idea that Christina has an idea of what was to occur. And Christina, not one to pass on a chance to fuck a pretty girl, took one look at Kitana and she mentally licked her chops. Anna knew this, and Christina knew that Anna knew.

“That won’t be necessary Christina,” Anna said in a low firm voice. “I shall see you on Monday and we shall discuss how we shall proceed next week and beyond. You fully understand the delicacy of my work and my sincere need for the utmost dedication and loyalty from the staff. And you dear Christina, are an integral and key component of the staff.”

Christina nodded with a smile and turned for the kitchen. Anna looked at Luis and Kitana and said, “Please, let us go to the garden. It is really very cool and pleasant there.” Anna led the couple through the recovery room and out a pair of French doors. Turning to the left on the stone path, Anna led Luis and Kitana to a walled back garden.

The stone wall was about 10’ in height. Luis, and engineer, estimated the wall to make a 100 foot by 150 foot rectangle. The wall contained 2 huge double gates. Each gate was 10 foot making a 20 foot opening. There were 2 personnel gates each 3.5 feet wide. Inside the courtyard, was a pool, a glass wall gazebo which had a spa, a bath house with lavatory and toilet facilities, a storage shed backed onto the bath house, a brick grill and smoker, and an array of trees, shrubbery and flowers that could grace the cover of any home and garden magazine.

The deck around went all the way to the entry to the kitchen. The deck are contained the pool, with 8 lounge chairs spaced about, a patio glass dining table with 8 matching chairs, and 4 smaller round tables with 4 chairs and center umbrellas.

Anna led the way to a round table nearest the spa. Luis held a chair for Anna and another for Kitana. Christina came from the kitchen doorway carrying a salver with a copper pitcher and 4 copper mugs. Anna rose to take the tray from Christina and placed it on the table. Luis stated, “Ann, I apologize for not commenting earlier, I am not much of drinker. If you have sparkling soda or sparkling water, I will have that with a slice of lime.”

Anna looked at him and said, “Luis, I am impressed. Reducing your alcohol intake at your age is the best way to keep a hard dick. And we know your little whore Kitana loves a hard dick.”

Kitana blushed and opened her mouth to retort, but she closed it. Anna told Christina to bring Luis a glass of the peach natural sparkling water with a slice of fresh peach on the glass. She then leaned to Kitana and whispered in her ear, “I told you that you would have to be punished for making your husband a fool. Take your punishment like a big girl and save your marriage and your position in life.” Kitana nodded her head and remained mum.

Christina returned with another tray containing 2 silver serving bowls, 3 small silver plates, and a silver platter of assorted crackers and tortilla chips. Silver spreading knives were on lily white linen napkins on the tray. One bowl contained a salsa and the other some form of guacamole dip. Christina placed the tray on the table and said to Anna. “Doctor Anna, the steaks and lobster are out on the counter. The salad is in the bowl in the crisper. The dressing is prepared and in the cruet in the door of the refrigerator. As you instructed, all is prepared. Are you sure you do require or need me to stay?”

Anna smiled again at her house keeper and said, “No darling. You go. I shall see you early on Monday.”

With what seemed to be a pouting look the young Latina woman returned to the house and within moments, the 3 seated at the garden table heard an automobile start and the crunch of tires going down the gravel/shell drive.

Anna looked at Luis and said, “I was very happy to see you are quite conscious about your health. Let me tell you now that the salsa and the dip are highly salted as are the margarita cups. I suggest you not to have the salty items as they are bad for your heart, and your BP. And a high BP is not helpful in producing and sustaining firm erections. Let me get you something different for an appetizer. Perhaps some excellent Spanish olives and some low fat unsalted cashews?” Luis nodded his acceptance.

Anna departed to the kitchen to get the additions. While she was away, Kitana and Luis made small kisses to each other and commented on how peaceful and lovely the garden was. Anna returned with a small tray and smaller bowls of the olives and nuts for Luis. She poured drinks for herself and Kitana, Looking at her female guest, she said, “Salud, and bottoms up!” Anna drained her drink and Kitana the same. Anna refilled Kitana’s mug but only half filled her own. “Again,” she said to Kitana who emptied her mug. The doctor though, simulated drinking but in fact did not.

Distracting Kitana to some flowers in a far corner, Anna poured her drink back into the pitcher. She looked at Luis and made a motion with her finger to her lips indicating he should remain silent. Anna mouthed the words “TRUST ME!” to Luis and he nodded his assent. As Kitana returned her gaze to the table, Anna handed her a chip of dip and another few of salsa. She also topped off Kitana’s mug and poured some into her own. Excusing herself for a moment, Anna went into the kitchen, poured her drink down the sink and poured a half glass of margarita mix without the alcohol.

She returned to the table and commented the steaks and lobster were doing well in the marinade. She topped Kitana mug again and prepared her another 3 or crackers and chips with dip and salsa. The 3 chatted aimlessly about one thing and another. Kitana would delicately inquire about the doctor’s solution, and Anna would defuse the topic with a comment about enjoying the evening or all in good time. Kitana would nod and Anna kept her mug full and the dip and salsa coming.

After 40-50 minutes, Kitana looked at Luis and murmured something. She slumped forward her arms folding onto the table. Kitana placed her head on her arms and closed her eyes. “Ress juss a minute.” She said. With her mouth open, Kitana was asleep in moments.

Luis looked at Anna totally bewildered. Anna motioned for him to accompany her to a table on the other side of the pool. Luis did so. Anna motioned him to sit. Luis did. Anna sat next to him and began to speak. “

“Luis, I have used some of the things from the old country. Things our grandmothers and before would have used. With some people, these ingredients are mildly hallucinogenic. With most people, and I think Anna is among the ‘most people’ category, the ingredients promote a short sleep. In other words, Kitnan is not harmed and will be fine.”

Now Luis, I am going to implement some radical and highly irregular treatments for Kitana. You and I are going to put these treatments into action this evening. Some of my methods may seem cruel, may seem kinky, and may seem outright devil spawn, but my methods will work. When we finish the remedy tonight, I promise and guarantee you that Kitana will never look at another human male as long as you are her husband.”

Luis gulped, and said, “But what about her and her desires for big dick? How are you going to resolve that issue?”

Anna said to leave that to her. There was a plan to resolve that issue. She again looked directly into Luis’ eyes and asked, “Are you prepared to assist and work with me in implementing this remedy? You must commit, or if you opt not to commit, we shall allow Kitana to sleep for 40-50 minutes then have our meal and call it an evening. I will send you a small invoice for the session and my time. You decide Luis. What is your decision?”

After what seemed a long minute, Luis nodded his head that he accepted the Doctor’s proposal and he would assist. Anna, taking no chances, made Luis speak the words he would assist and that he had no objections or reservations to the to the treatment methods which he fully understood. Anna, had each table wired with mini camera and a microphone and transmitter. A sound recording, from 3 different angles, went to a recorder which had an auto save function programmed to start every 10 minutes or with an accumulation of 30kb of data in the buffer, whichever occurred first.

“Luis, you follow my directions and help me.” Anna rose and walked to the bath house. Opening the door, she went to rear of a bench. She clutched the handles and indicated Luis should grab the 2 front handles. When both of them had lifted the bench from the floor, Anna told Luis to back out and they would place the bench near the spa. Out the bath house door the pair went carrying the bench. They placed the bench at the spot Anna thought best and returned to the bath house.

Anna loaded her arms with various implements and gadgets; a table tennis paddle, assorted rubber cords with hooks affixed to each end, a blind fold, various lubricants, a ginger root and a small grater, different sized and shaped dildo’s and vibrators, a Hitachi wand vibe, rubber tipped clamps of different size, 3 electric motor devices, one with deep dish plastic cups on it, the other 2 consisting of wires and small pads, a small phallic handled leather tasseled whip, a small leather belt, and some ear phones. Luis shook his head in astonishment and bewilderment.

Handing some of the items to Luis to carry, Anna went back to the table nearest the bench. She placed the items she held and those from Luis on the table. She then said to Luis, “OK, let’s strip Kitana, and get the blindfold and ear phones on her. I want her striped but leave her panties on.

Anna raised Kitana to a sitting position. She told Luis to hold her upright. When Luis had Anna sitting upright but with her head slumped to her chest, Anna started unbuttoning Kitana’s blouse. As Luis held his wife, Anna got the blouse over Kitana’s arms. She folded the blouse and placed it on the table. Anna motioned for Luis to allow Anna to slump forward. As she did, Anna unhooked Kitana’s bra. The straps came down her arms and Anna removed the bra after asking Luis to pull Kitana back to a sitting position.

Anna selected one of the plastic squeeze bottles of lubricant. Smearing some on her finger tips, she greased an area below each of Gina’s nipples. Anna then reached for 2 of the pads with the wires attached and coming from the electric devices. Anna peeled a covering off the pads, and then stuck the pads to the smeared lubricant area under Kitana’s nipples.

Anna then unzipped Kitana’s skirt. She worked the garment down over the petite woman’s hips. Kitana had thigh highs and a sheer lacy thong on. Anna snapped her fingers indicating she forgot something. She dashed into the house returning with a pair of scissors. Smearing some lubricant on her finger she rubbed it onto 2 places low on Kitana’s abdomen and placed 2 more of the wired pads on Kitana. Anna looked at the pads and nodded.

She said to Luis, “Now let’s get her over to the bench. We have to be careful, and not abrade her knees on the cobblestone. I want her knees on the padded foot rest, feet about shoulder width apart. Drape her forward so the pads on her abdomen are pressed against the padded bench seat support. Her tits will fall into the open baskets. You have to hold her tits to insure they come nicely into the basket with her beautiful nipples well out and exposed. Again the pad will be trapped between the basket surface and Kitana’s tit.”

Working diligently but with care and caution, the pair got Kitana to the bench. They placed her as Anna had directed. Luis handled his wife’s breasts and nipples while Anna got Kitana’s legs, knees, ankles and feet in the proper position. Once Kitana was draped appropriately on the bench, Anna took the bungee cords and strapped one hook to an eye on the bench frame just to the side of Kitana’s right ankle. Anna ran the cord over Kitana’s Achilles and attached the hook on the other end of the cord to the eye on the frame adjacent to Kitana’s left ankle. A similar cord was attached to eyes on the bench and run just above Kitana’s knees. A third cord went over her waist to eye hooks fitted at the sides of the padded bench seat. One final cord went across the center of Kitana’s back, about where her bra hooked.

Anna motioned for Luis to come back to where she stood. She asked him to place the blindfold over Kitana’s eyes and the ear phones over her ears. While Luis did this, Anna took 2 rubber tipped clamps and using her thumb and forefinger she clutched Kitana’s plump ourt labia. Anna pulled one lip away from the other but not out of the thong crotch and clamped it with the wired rubber tip clamp. Anna placed a second clamp on Kitana’s other pussy lip.

Anna stepped back and looked at Kitana. She went over her mental check list.
• Stripped to panties. OK
• Earphones and Blindfold in place. OK
• 4 electrical pads placed (1 each below each nipple and 1 each over each ovary.) OK
• Draped over bench with ankles, knees, lower back and middle back secured. OK
• Hands secured. Oh shit Anna muttered. She told Luis to take Kitana’s left hand and cuff her wrist into the cuff secured to the front left portion of the frame. Anna did the same with Kitana’s right wrist. Now, hands secured. OK
• Anna took the last of the electrical devices and plugged the receptacle end to the pin plug on the bench. She then plugged the opposite pin plug into the electrical device and she plugged the electrical cord from the electrical device into one of the many wall receptacles on the spa gazebo. OK
• Anna then plugged the power cords from the other electrical devices into other receptacles on the gazebo.

Anna spoke softly to Luis. “Walk over here with me.” She asked. Anna and George retreated to the table most remote from the gazebo and spa. Sitting, Anna looked at Luis and began to speak.

“Luis, this is going to be a radical treatment. It is necessary that Kitana think she is alone with me. If she knows you are here, she will be inhibited in her responses, reactions, and true feelings. In other words, she will try to say what she thinks you want to hear. That is not a step in the remedy process. If Kitana can not be totally and freely uninhibited in the remedy process, she will eventually be unfaithful to you again in the future. Do you understand this?”

Luis nodded that he did, but in reality he did not. Anna could see the waver in his eyes. A bit impatiently, she said, “Look Luis. If Kitana simply says what you want to hear, I could have convinced her to do that last Thursday in my office in the first 30 minutes. But those are just hollow words. In a week or so, Kitana would be in some gym or club measuring dicks to find the largest one in the house. I have to break her, make her see the error and wrong in her actions, and then build her up with a big dick she can have as a consolation and one that poses not one shread of threat to you or your place in society and your business community.”

Luis was now nodding vigorously. “I understand your philosophy Doctor. IO agree with your tactic. We employ a similar principle in my profession. We tear down that which functioned but not as we wished and rebuild with a modified design that functions as we desire. Why did you not say this at the beginning? with.”

Anna looked at Luis and said, “Really!”

Continuing, Anna said to Luis. You may stay, sit and watch. You may jack off. You are not permitted to utter a sound. Not a cough, not a sneeze, not a throat clearing noise, not a sigh, not a deep breath! Nothing that reveals to Kitana you are present. Luis this is critical as I have explained. Do you understand and agree to my instructions?

Luis spoke clearly and without hesitation, “I understand and I shall be so quiet, you will not know I am here.”

Anna nodded and told Luis to arrange the patio furnishing to make himself comfortable. Anna debated if she should reveal to Luis that the session would be video taped and 2 copies of the master would be sent to him for his future enjoyment either alone or with Kitana. She decided not to reveal this fact just yet.

“Kitana will be coming around in a few moments. The mild drugs are not habit forming. As I said, they are used to release one from the constricting, conflicting moral quandaries and inhibitions that burden us through adulthood. Again Luis, I insist you be completely silent. If Kitana suspects or realizes you are present, I will stop the remedy session and I will invoice you $50,000. You must remain totally silent. The other conditions and factors I stated in my office on Thursday last and which are in your contractual agreement with me as clinical psychologist are in force.”

Luis simply nodded not wishing to be caught in the simply trap of being told to remain silent then speaking when asked a question. Anna smiled at him and nodded as if to say, “well done. I did not catch you in my web. Luis, I want you to go into the bath house and shower thoroughly. Kitana’s senses are acute. She will smell you. She is street smart. Use the liquid bath soal on the shower shelf and the sponge on the right side holder. It is the same soap I use. Remember to wash your hair using the bath liquid soap. I do not want any slip up.” Again, Luis nodded as he walked to the bath house.

Anna rose and quickly went in the kitchen. She fetched 2 large 2 gallon pitchers from the cabinet. She filled each with ice and then a little over half with water. She went back out on the patio and placed the pitchers on the gazebo deck near the bench.

Anna soaked a soft wash cloth in one of the pitchers. She began to mop Kitan’s brow, shoulders, upper breasts, and back with the cool cloth. Kitana stirred slightly. Anna dipped the cloth back into the ice cold water and continued to swathe Kitana. Luis emerged from the bath house with a towel wrapped around his waist. He stopped and watched as Anna swabbed Kitana’s forehead, face, neck, and shoulders with the cold cloth. Anna saw Luis and with her eyes motioned him to sit at the near table.

Anna soaked the cloth again in the ice water. She wrung the cloth slightly and then draped it over the back of Kitana’s neck. Anna stepped back and quickly removed her top and her slacks. She picked up the table tennis paddle, the short tasseled whip, 2 vibes, and 2 of the dildo’s. She placed her assortment of toys on the gazebo deck within easy reach of the bench.

Kitana moaned, “unnhhh, my mouth feels like cotton.” Anna tried to rise, and as her senses became more awake and aware, she realized she was tied onto some piece of furniture. “Whaaa…. What is this? Let me outta here. I need some water. Luis, Luis, this isn’t funny Honey. Let me go.”

Anna picked up the paddle. With a nice backswing and a tennis forearm swing, she swatted Kitana on her right ass cheek. CRACK, like a pistol shot the paddle smacked Kitana’s ass. “EEE-YOOOWWWW!!!” Kitana screamed like a child. “Luis, Luis you son of,” before Kitana could utter the B word, another swat struk her left ass cheek. “EEEE-YOOWWW!!” echoed again in the patio.

Anna filled a small glass with ice water from the second pitcher. She placed a straw in the glass. Kneeling beside Kitana, Anna placed the straw in her mouth and said, “It is ice water. Take small sips.” Kitana draw water up the straw and realizing it was water began to suck harder. Anna removed the straw and swatted Kitana’s ass again with identical results form the first 2 smacks. A loud EEE-YOWW! Anna kneeled closer to Kitana again and pulled her hair forcing Kitana to tilt her head backward exposing Kitana neck.

Anna kissed along Kitana’s neck. She used her tongue to trace a wet line up Kitana’s neck over her chin to her bottom lip. Anna lightly bit Kitana’s bottom lip. Kitana moaned lowly. Anna spoke in a low voice.

“Kitana slut. You drank too much and passed out. That was hours and hours ago. I had to send poor Luis home without you, but I promised him I would begin your remedy as soon as your awoke. The poor man. He told me that you gave him a blowjob before you and he came over. Was that one of your sympathy blow-jobs for him because you have been giving his pussy away to big dick assholes?”

“Dr. Anna, what are you doing to me? I don’t understand. I thought you were going to help us? Help me? Whaaa.. are you doing and why?” Kitana was whimpering.

Anna released her hair and said, “I am helping. I guaranteed Luis that I would cure you from seeking big dick men and making a fool cuckold of him. I promised him that I would change your thinking and your attitude. And Kitana, I am going to keep my promise to Luis.”

“Now, I also promised you that I would find a solution that provided you with what you seek. I have also done that. But as I told you in my office on Thursday last, and you definitely concurred, you have to be punished for making Luis a cuckold and for giving away this pussy. Do you remember that little portion of our chat?”

Kitana did not respond. Quickly, with ardor, and a wicked snap of her wrist, Anna placed 6 sharp smacks on Kitana’s ass cheeks with the paddle.

“SM-ACK; SM-ACK; SM-ACK; SM-ACK; SM-ACK; SM-ACK. I recommend you answer Kitana!” Anna said. To emphasize her point, Anna swatted Kitana’s fine rounded ass another 4 times. “SM-ACK; SM;ACK; SMACK; SM;ACK.”

Kitana was nodding her head rapidly. “Yes, yes, I remember.” She cried. “But, but, but I didn’t know you meant really punished!! I thought you would maybe recommend to Luis to take my credit cards away for
a week or so. I didn’t know you really meant punish!”

Anna laughed. “Kitana, taking away your credit cards is not a punishment. You would have passed the week giving your pussy away to big dick boys and having them pay for your frivolities. NO, NO, No, Dear Kitana. You have to pay for dishonoring your wonderful man. You have to atone for being a big dick pussy slut.”

“You betrayed a fine man. You betrayed Luis. Tonight, your body will betray you. Soon you will be begging for more than a tongue in your pussy”.

The paddle swished through the air again for 6 more smacks. “SM-ACK; SM-ACK; SM-ACK; SM-ACK; SM-ACK; SM-ACK.”

With each swat, Kitana wailed loudly. Tears flooded from her eyes. She nodded her head up and down. “OHH, please stop. It hurts. OHHH, please. My ass is burning. It is on fire. I am sorry I did that to my man. I am sooo sorry. Please Dr. Anna. Pleeee-ze. I will not make my man a fool any longer. Pleee-ze.” Kitana’s pleas were a start, but Anna knew they were the pleas of one whose position was weak. Anna wanted Kitana’s promises of not dishonoring her her man to be squealed when Kitana was begging to cum or in the throes of cumming. Promises made at moments of extreme pleasure were promises from the heart.

“What is it you wish to say Kitana?” Anna asked.
“I think that I need to be punished.” Came the meek reply from Kitana.

Anna lay the paddle down. She turned the dial on the electrical device that controlled the pads under Kitana’s nipples to 4. A mild electrical stimulus started on Kitana’s breasts. As Kitana raised her head to to make a sound, Anna set the selector to pulse of the electrical control box for the pads over Kitana’s ovaries. She turned the dial to 6, and intermittent pulses began to alternate to each pad. Like mini jolts or shocks, the pulses rocked Kitana. Her body jerked like a puppet on strings. She squealed, then wailed again, finally she was sobbing like a child who missed Christmas.

Anna picked up to bottle of Aloe-Vera lotion. She poured a liberal amount onto each of Kitana’s ass cheeks. Anna began to rub the cooling lotion into Kitana’s butt. As she did so, she spoke to the bound beauty.

“I promised you that you would have the thing you desire. Don’t be so sad; I’ll give you what you want, a huge big dick. But I have to make you work for it. You need to learn to appreciate what a good man you have. You need to learn that you cannot dishonor him or make him a cuckold. You haven’t had a really good man before have you?” Kitana shook her head no.

Anna rubbed lower on Kitana’s ass cheeks. With her opposite hand she increased the dial setting for the nipple pads to 7. She increased the pulse dial from 6 to 8. Kitana inhaled sharply as the electrical charges sent waves through her nipples and through her cervix and womb. Anna looked at the crotch and gusset of Kitana’s thong. As suspected, there was a wet spot the size of the mouth of the mugs used for the margaritas.

Anna reached under Kitana’s tummy to clutch the thong panty panel in her right hand. She squeezed the gusset in her hand making it the width of the thong string. She used her left hand to pull the thong string up Kitana’s tail bone and spine. Slowly and easily at first, Anna began to saw the silken thong through Kitana’s pussy slit and her ass crack. The wet material would slide on one side of Kitana’s clit and then the other as Anna sawed in a narrow diagonal pattern. As Kitana began to move her ass, Anna began to saw her pussy and ass faster. Anna pulled the material deeper into Kitana’s slit and ass crack. As Anna went faster, Kitana moaned and murmured, “yeah, yeah, Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. You gonna make me cum.

Anna slowed her sawing motions. Anna went teasingly slow. Kitana wanted, no she needed to cum now. She started to feel clinching in her vaginal, legs, and lower stomach muscles, she could hardly catch her breath as she let out a semi-scream/croak: “Fuckkkk! Make me cum!”

As soon as these words left Kitana’s lips, Anna stopped the sawing. Looking at her captive patient Anna said, “You have to tell everything and you have to repent. If you do this, I will permit you a small orgasm. You want to cum don’t you. Your hot little whore big dick pussy wants to cum sooo bad.”

“OHHH Yes,” Kitana groaned. “I really do Anna. I really need to cum bad. I do. I do. I didn’t cum with Luis when I gave him a nice blow job. I don’t cum when he fucks me. The last time I had a good cum was more than 4 months ago when I fucked a big dick who was at my gym. Please Dr. Anna, make me cum,. I need to cum.”

Anna reached for the controller of the clamps on Kitana’s cunt lips. She set the dial to 7 and the pulse to steady. The clamps rattled together as they sent a straight mini electrical surge through Kitana’s pussy. Kitana squealed as the charge raced through her cunt. Anna reached under Kitana’s chest with her hands. Catching each of Kitana’s nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, Anna began to pull each nipple and barely twist it as she pulled. “OHH fuck!” Kitana groaned.

“Kitana! Kitana, listen to me. I am going to ask you some questions and you shall answer truthfully. Do you understand.”

“Yes, Yes Anna. I understand.” Kitana replied.

Anna released Kitana’s nipples for a moment to grab the scissors and cut the thong from Kitana’s hips. The clamps fell away with the cut thong. Kitana’s bare pussy lips were filled and engorged with blood. Anna ran her fingers along Kitana’slit to her clit. Reaching the swollen clitoris, Anna flicked it with her finger nail. Kitana whistled through her lips and repeated, “Fuck yes. Fuck yes Anna. I will tell you everything. I mean everything. Please just make me cum. Make me cum now.”

Anna turned each electrical controller dial to zero. She unplugged the power cords from the gazebo wall sockets. She looked over to Luis who was jacking off. A small puddle of cum was on the cobblestone evidence that Luis still had some stamina.

“He may have a tiny dick, but he is certainly virile,” Anna thought.

Anna picked up the soft leather pussy whip. She swished it in the air. With an underhand flick of her wrist, she lightly smacked Kitana’s pussy with the whip. Kitana whimpered. “Ohhhh, what are you doing/” She asked Anna. “Making you tell the truth,” was Anna’s reply.

“You are a big dick loving girl, aren’t you?” “Ahh-haa,” Kitana whispered.

“You just love big dicks, and you don’t care who it is on or what color, do you slut girl?” Anna flicked the pussy whip a little harder this time. The soft tassels struck Kitana’s wet pussy with the same sound that cooked wet noodles make when you throw them against the wall to see if they are done. “PL-OP”!

“Yes, Dr. Anna. I do. I just love a big dick plowing and pumping my pussy. I become crazy freaky as a big dick pumps me hard and then harder. I don’t know why.”

“And you gave your pussy away and made a cuckold out the man that is totally crazy about you.” Kitana let out a long mournful sob, “Ohhhh I did, Iam soo sorry for that. I was tempted and I was weak. OHHH, poor Luis. I do care for him.”

Anna used the underhand swinging manner and struck Kitana’s hot pussy 6 or 8 times. “PL-OP; PL-OP; PL-OP; PL-OP; PL-OP; PL-OP; PL=OP; PL-OP!” Each time the pussy whip struck Kitana’s pussy a fine mist spray of juices would fly in the air.

Kitana was sobbing almost incoherently as Anna said, “The man who treats you like a queen. Who thinks your son is his son and sets such a great example for him. This is how you honor him? You go looking for any big dick you can find. You don’t care what that huge dick is attached to or anything. Big, big, big is your criteria. You want that hot hot pussy of yours stuffed. Say it slut bitch. Say, “I am a big dick loving whore.” The tassel whip swished again and again through the air to strike Kitana’s sodden cunt.

Kitana wailed and flung her head back. “I am a big dick loving whore. I dishonored my good man and I deserve my punishment. I will never ever do this to my Luis again!”

Anna saw the steady drip-drip-drip-drip-drip of Kitana’s juices fall to the floor. Not only were the drops visible as they fell, they made a nice dripping faucet sound as they hit the cobblestone floor. Anna knelt beside Kitana. Using the phallus shaped handle of the pussy whip, she pushed and pulled the handle through Kitana’s cunt lips. Kitana was so juicy and wet, her pussy coated the whip handle. Anna placed the handle in front of Kitana’s face.

“Look at this bitch. Look how you hot pussy betrays you. A few long strokes through your pussy and you have coated this dildo handle. You really are a big dick loving whore.” Kitana nodded her head in earnest. “I am! I am! I love big dicks. I can’t help it. I can’t.”

Anna returned to Kitana’s side. With her right hand she pushed about an inch of the mushroom shaped head of the pussy whip into Kitana’s pussy. Kitana wailed. “AHHHHHH YES Dr. Anna. Feed my big dick starving pussy.”

Anna withdrew the handle and then pushed it in about 3 inches this time. Again, the long sigh and wail from Kitana. “You are a big dick whore aren’t you?” Asked Anna.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck Yes!!!” cried Kitana. Anna quickly withdrew the handle. She went back to Kitana’s face and placed the pussy juice coated handle at Kitana’s mouth. The younger woman opened her mouth and greedily sucked her juices off the handle. Anna removed the handle quickly and tossed it aside.

Anna rose and entered the gazebo. In a moment she returned with a huge brindle colored Mastiff. She paraded the majestic animal in front of Kitana. Anna snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor with her index finger. “Sit,” She said. The big dog sat on his haunches in front of Kitana. A bit of his red dick emerged from his sheath.

“Look at his dick Kitana,” Anna whispered. Wait until you see the size of his dick!” As she spoke, Anna rubbed the dogs sheath and gently stroked the hairy hollow cylinder along the massive red dick. More and more dog dick emerged and not only was it now longer, it was definitely thicker. “Look at this dick, you big dick loving whore. You want this big dick to work your hot hot pussy?”

Kitana’s eyes grew wide as she saw the dog’s dick come into prominent view. She opened her mouth but words did not come out. A small “eeek” emitted from Kitana’s throat. “Luis, would kill me. He could never love me again. It is so beautiful that dick. But it can never be. It would be worse than what I have done with the big dick men.”

“No, No, it wouldn’t.” Said Anna. “Men talk worse than women. Men would talk of you and your activities. This would bring dishonor and a loss of respect to Luis. And, because men talk worse than women, your reputation would be shattered, and your son would become the object of ridicule, humiliation, and embarrassment. This magnificent animal has the looks and physique to rival any movie star. This loyal and brave canine has a dick to rival any porn star. And this dedicated and trained dog does not talk. He makes no sign to anyone about the pussy he gets. And the best of all, he can fuck a girl 6-8-10 times in an 8 hour period. And it will be the best fuck of her life!”

Anna eyes looked down again at the huge dick emanating from the dog’s hairy sheath. She gulped a swallow. “It is truly a magnificent dick. But, but, I don’t know. I am so afraid. Not afraid of the dick because I want the dick so very badly. I am afraid that my Luis can never forgive me this. That he will no longer love me. This makes me scared. I was wrong, SO wrong to give my pussy away to those childish boys simply because they had a huge pretty dick.”

Anna looked at Luis and mouthed, ‘be ready’. Luis nodded to Anna. Anna stroked Kitana’s backl allowing her hands to run under Kitana’s body. With her right hand Anna pulled Kitana’s nipples alternating back and forth from right to left. Each tug was a little harder than the previous. With her left hand, Anna circled the base of Kitana’s clit never touching it. Her fingers would spread Kitana’s labia wide and dance around the entry to her sodden wet fuck hole and then return to making the soft slow circles around the base of her clit.

As she toyed with the most intimate and sensitive parts of Kitana’s body, Anna was talking to her in low hushed tones. “Look at his dick Kitana. You make him so horny he will soon howl. I can tell he makes oyu horny. Your sweet pussy is gushing fuck juice. His dick is throbbing and growing, He wants to bury that huge red dick in your pretty pussy. And from feeling your pussy you want that massive pussy pleaser buried in your hot cunt.”

Kitana was crying. “Fuck yes, fuck yes, I want his dick. I need his dick. My pussy needs his dick. My cunt loves his dick. Pleeee-eezze Dr. Anna. I have to have him fucking me. I have to feel his huge hard dick buried in my dick starved pussy.”

Calling the massive Mastiff to my side, I begin caressing Kitana’s ass. I spread her ass cheeks apart, opening her already swollen and open pussy. Her juices were drizzling to the floor and running down her thighs. Anna had never seen a woman so wet. Anna called the dog to come behind Kitana. His cool wet nose went right between her ass cheeks. The big dog opened his jowls and his long tongue slurped out and took a lick through Kitana’s pussy. Kitana jumped and screamed. Anna watched as the big dog tongue lashed and assaulted Kitana’s her pussy. With each long lick from Kitana’s clit up through her slit and ass cheeks it seemed the dogs tongue was going deeper inside her with every lick. Anna watched as Kitana ceased struggling. Her body was taking control over her conscious. Anna knew Kitana was enjoying this.

Kitana started pushing her ass back onto the dog’s snout and tongue trying to get more of the tongue that was providing her this incredible feeling. Kitan ground her ass and pussy back against him. Kitana’s head is hanging low and she is shaking it back and forth. Her wailing moans and sobbing pleas for more, more, more, fill the patio air. She pulled hard, straining against her wrist and leg restraints. Anna clearly saw that Kitana wanted more. Kitana wanted the dog dick. Anna intended to make her say exactly that.

Anna snapped her fingers. The sound was like a pistol shot. The dog immediately stopped licking. Anna looked at Luis and smiled at him. Luis smiled back and made a fucking signal with his hands much like school boys when passing a gaggle of girls they did not know. The motion was an open palm smacking down on the thumb and forefinger hole of a closed fist. Anna smiled and nodded YES!

“Do you like that?” Anna asked Kitana.

“OHHHHHH GOD YES!” Kitana cries.

“Do you want more?” Anna asked

Kitana responded with a resounding “YES!!” PLEASEEEEEEE”.

“Please what?” Anna asked.

“Please let him continue!” Kitana begged as she ground and humped her hips in the air.

“Ask correctly and I might consider allowing him to lick you more.”

“Please, please Anna. Let him continue to lick my pussy. I want to cum so badly!” Kitana sobbed.

Anna looked at the saucy sexy young woman bound in a classic canine breeding position. Anna calmly stated, “No Kiana, you tell me that you want my DOG to continue to lick your pussy. Tell me you want to cum on my dog’s tongue!”

Anna made an evil chuckle. She pointed at Kitana’s and cunt. The huge dog moved behind Kitana once again. Anna held her hand towrd the dog with palm down. This was a command for the dog to stay. “Are you ready for more?” Anna asked Kitana. “Tell me you are ready for more and that you are going to give my boy your pussy.”

The large dog behind Kitana breathed a hot breath on her exposed ass and cunt. Kitana squealed and wiggled her hot ass. Panting as though she had run up 10 flights of stairs, Kitana heaved, “YES, YES, YES!! I want more Anna. I want more and I want to give your dog my pussy. I don’t care any longer. I don’t care about anything. I want that huge red dick that I saw deep in my hot pussy. I want to feel your dog taking my whore cunt. I am going to be his bitch. I want to be his bitch. I want to be a doggy pussy bitch.”

Anna lifted her hand and pointed to Kitana’s wavering ass. The huge animal immediately picked up where he left off. He dived right into Kitana’s pussy licking. Then he moved his snout away from Kitana’s cunt. He seemed more interested in her ass. His long wet red tongue flickered across her pussy sand over her sensitive asshole. Kitana let out a sigh of pure pleasure.

“OHHHHHHHHH God….nnnnnnoooooooooooo…..not there….ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy Goooooddddddddd!!!!” Anna smiled and looked to Luis. She mouthed, “Your little hot wife is giving herself to us and the dog.”

Kitana was moaning incoherent words. She sobbed, squealed, and pleaded. “Please, make him stop for a minute. I must catch my breath. He is making me cum and cum and cum. One orgasm follows right on as the one before it recedes. I am constantly COMMMING!!”

Kitana’s body went limp for a few moments. Anna looked at her and hissed, “Now you’re ready for more”! Kitans wants to shake her head NO, be she has no energy to resist. Anna tapped and patted Kitana’s ass. The big dog reared up humping the air. His huge front paws gripped Kitana by her hips, trying to find her honey fuck hole. Last second reality hit Kitana and she started crying…”Please, don’t let him do this…anything but this”! The massive dog got a little frustrated with her. He made a low growl in her ear, and bit down softly on the back of her neck as if to say “Hold still bitch. This is my pussy now.”

The dog was a huge stud. He weighed over 170 lbs and his dick looked to be the size of a baby’s arm. Anna hissed at Kitana again.

“He is going to fuck you. He’s going to knot with you. He’s going to fill your sweet little pussy and womb with his cum. When he does, you will be his bitch forever. You will never ever again seek a big human male dick. His dick is going to ruin you for the rest of your life. And the best part, I mean the best other than you loving his dick, is that all the outside world sees IS YOU WITH A HOUSE PET!!!”

The huge Mastiff wasn’t interested in talk. He wanted to fuck. And his bitch wanted to be fucked. The dog’s dick was nearly fully out of his sheath. He was at least 10″ long already in Luis’ estimation! The dog towered over Kitana. His hips were hunching down, as he started humping the pointy head of his dick trying to find Kitana’s hot pussy hole. The big doggy dick was spewing pre-cum all over Kitana’s ass and pussy. His thin clear pre-cum mixed with Kitana’s own juices. The dog kept missing his mark.

“PLEASEEEEEEE somebody help him! Anna help him. I want his dick inside me NOWWWWW!” Kitana shouted.

Anna motioned for Luis to come over. Silently he rose from his chair and walked to the dog mounted on his wife. Anna whispered to Luis, “Feed your whore wife’s pussy the dog dick She is now forever broken from wanting any human male dick other than your poco chorizo.

Luis grinned from ear to ear. Kitana’s mouth hung open as he helped the dog pump first 5″ into her pussy. The huge dog adjusted his stance and levered his hips forward again. Another 3″ of dog dick disappeared into Kitana’s scalding love cavern. The dog gripped her hips tightly and began pounding into her pussy. His power and force abused her pussy with every thrust.

“OHHHHHHH GOOOODDDDDD, he feels soooooooo goooooooooddddddd….FUCK MEEEEE, Oh YESSSSSS….YESSSSSSSSS…I’m cummingggggggg!!!” This female wailing seemed to encourage the dog. He increased his tempo. He was fucking Kitana harder and harder; his dick was growing and swelling to its full 12″. Not onloy did the doggy dick become longer, it swelled thicker with each thrust! The dog’s knot, which wasn’t much more than a golf ball size in the beginning began to form to the size of a baseball. The dark red dog dick not pressed at the entrance to Kitana’s pussy hole.

Anna noted to Luis, “LUIS, Kitana is getting dick where she had never had dick before. Look at her pussy pussy ass. She pushes back against him now. He is in her cunt where no man has been. His pointy dick tip has pierced her cervix. She is his. And when he pumps her womb with his hot hot cum, your Kitana can give her little girl soul to God, because her her whore ass pussy belongs to the dog. He will own her pussy forever.”

“He’s so FUCKING HUGE! GOD, OHHHH GAAAA-AAAWD….FUCK ME…FUCK ME….Breed me! Give me your cum. I WANT IT. I LOVE IT. I love it! HARDER!!!”

Anna tells Luis, “she is lost to all big dick men now. She is in a frenzy for him. He has her. He and you have her. You will take the dog home with your wife. He will be as I say, a house pet. No one is any wiser and your wife is yours once again. Now stand and step in fornt of her mouth. She is going to suck you your tiny dick better than she has ever done.”

Luis is very willing to give Kitana his dick. He steps in front of his wife and pulls her head up by her hair. Kitsana looks at her husband with wanton lust. She whispers to him, “my wonderful husband and lord. Please allow me to such your dick. I want your cum down my throat to my gut as this massive pussy wrecker shoots his cum into my womb.”

Luis looked at his beautiful wife asking her. “Is this dick what you want? Is the dog dick what you want?”

The dog continued to press his knot against Kitana’s cunt slowly. The knot began to push inside her cunt. Luis pushed his dick into her mouth. Her oval red lips took him and began to lave and suck him better than he had ever been sucked. Luis looked at the knot and shook his head at Anna.

She can’t take his knot! It’s too big!” Luis stated.

Anna looked at Luis and said, “watch her. She wants it inside her. Do you hear me, SHE WANTS THAT DOGGY KNOT. SHE WILL BEG FOR IT IF I ASK HER TOO!”

As Luis stood getting a blow job from his lovely wife, the doggy knot began to slide his gigantic knot inside Kitana’s stretched pussy. Before Luis could comprehend what he saw, the knot was inside Kitana. The dog then began to make short bone jarring thrusts.
“Now he is going to cum in her womb. He will shoot powerful jet streams of scalding hot cum deep into Kitana. Her pussy is his now Luis. She is your wife, but she is HIS BITCH! She will never cheat on your with another man.”

Kitana mumbled, “It’s too big!! He’s killing me!!! Ohhhhh GOODDDDD!! It’s hurts…GODDDD HE’S CUMMING !!!!” She sucked harder and harder on Luis’ timy dick Her mouth was like a vacuum pullig the cum from his balls. Kitana tossed her head from side to side as she sucked and as the dog pumped her cunt pussy with the largest load of cum she could ever imagine. Kitana was panting, sweating, glistening in the low lights of the patio and the glow of the moon.

The 12″ doggy dick was buried to the hairy ball sack in Kitana’s cunt. She screams with animal lust and pleasure. The dog continued his short jack hammer strokes in her pussy. He pulled her tighter and thrust deeper. Kitana bit her lower lip. Luis knew then that his beautiful young wife was enjoying the ravishing the dog was doing to her pussy.

“Do you like that dog dick deep inside your sweet pussy?” Luis asked.

“OHHHH Luis! He’s so bigggg, but GOOOOODDDD YES! YES! I love it! I love his dog dick inside me! Don’t make him stop! Don’t let him stop! It feels so good. I am going to cum again!!”

Anna noticed the pushing very hard. He was knotted and knotted in Kitana’s pussy good. Kitana pushed back against him. She loved the prickly tickly dog dick sheath hairs that prodded her vaginal lips and clit. Kitan sucked Luis like he would never get another blow job. She took him all the way down her throat. She moaned against Luis’ dick, sucking and loving every second of her dog breeding. Kitana screamed when the full doggy dick was sunk and buried in her cunt.

The huge dog started to dance on his hind legs as he concluded his cumming inside of her. Kitana moaned as Luis started cumming. Kitana was cumming again on the gigantic doggy dick. Kitana swallowed Luis’ cum without hesitation. She licked and cleaned her husband’s dick. As Luis pulled his dick from her mouth, Kitana gasped “oh goddddd! It feels so good! I can fee;l every spurt of his cum and I can feel his huge dick sweeling and throbbing in my pussy! I fucking love this dick. I love this dog!”

“Now tell me what you like.” Luis said.

“I love his dog dick inside me. I love feeling his cum inside me. I feel so NAUGHTY!! But I love it. I want more.”

After about 30 minutes, the huge dog dick shrinks enough and the dog pulled from Kitana’s pussy with a loud ‘PLOP’. Cum drained from her pussy like a flood. Luis knelt in front of her. He kissed her cum stained mouth tenderly and with enormous love and respect. A look of pure relief filled Kitana’s face.

Anna spoke up, “I have recorded this entire session. There is but 1 copy and you shall receive it for your everlasting pleasure WHEN I have been paid in full.”

With a smile, Luis said to Anna, “But of course. We accept. Thank you”.

With love and tenderness Luis removed the restraints from his wife. He lead her to the shower in the bath house. Luis bathed his wife with love and care as though she had just delivered their child. Luis tells Kitana that he will take “vacation”. She will remain naked and willing to service him and the dog. Kitana smiled at her husband and replied, “With pleasure Luis.”

The couple exited the shower and dressed. “I have two questions,” Kitana said to Luis. Can we keep the dog? And why did you wait so long to do this to me?”

Luis looked at his pretty wife and thought for a moment, then he answered, “Yes we may keep the dog. He is ours. Regarding your second question, it wasn’t my idea. I did not think of it. The doctor had this idea, and she did not even tell me of it. But I have to say, I love the ida and I love what I saw and took part in.”

“ME TOO!!! Kitana said with enthusiasm. I never thought I could be a puppy pussy slut, But I love it!”

Anna looked at her newly satisfied clients and said, “your new pet needs a name. I didn’t name him. When I trained him I called him Dog.”

Kitana smiled as Luis and said, “His name is Remedy”

Luis laughed and said, “Anna, I shall put your check in the mail as soon as we reach home with our Remedy.”