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 The first time I noticed Mom was when I was 15 years old.
I sat on the toilet and talked to her while she took a shower.
In our house, it was a common thing to be naked.
Once, when I was almost 16 years old, we watched a film on a pay-TV channel. Mom was lying naked on the couch. I tried not to look at her, but nevertheless, sometimes I glanced at her. So I was spinning all the time.
She asked if I was looking at her breasts?
I turned my face, blushing. She knew the reason for my restlessness!
We finished watching the movie and started switching channels. And they stumbled upon a pair channel. Many naked women.
I said something about their breasts.
"I wonder how they feel? I think mine is better," said my mother
"Maybe Ma. But I can't feel yours." I said
"Why can not you?" smiling, she asked
"Because you are my mother," I answered, embarrassed.
“You're right, dear. But if you want, I will let you caress them,” Ma said, still smiling.
"Darling, if you wish, I can let you touch my furry pussy."
But I refused. It was beyond my strength.
The phone rang. It was my mother's friend. I ran out of the room while they were talking.
One evening, when I was sitting alone at home and watching a movie in pairs, my mother came from the bar.
She came over and hugged me. She hugged me and went upstairs to her room. A minute later I went up to her bedroom.
She was lying on the bed on her stomach, naked, looking at a magazine in pairs.
I walked over to her and put my hand on her ass.
"Darling, you mustn't do this to your mom."
"Why, because you let me touch your breasts"
"Do you really want to?"
She began to unbutton her clothes. She was wearing no underwear under her dress. Ma lay on her back and spread her legs. A pink vagina, framed by curly hair and thick labia, opened up to my eyes.
I began to caress her clitoris and labia with my fingers.
My dream of the past five years has come true. I dropped my head between her legs and continued to caress my tongue. The smell was delicious. She reacted to my caresses with weak moans.
I'm not an expert in sex, but I continued to penetrate deeper into her with my tongue.
Ma told me to lie on my back on the bed. When I did, she started sucking on my cock.
I was trembling all over. Ma continued to suck the cock more and more intensely, jerking it off with one hand. My semen seethed in me.
Ma straddled me and guided my cock between her legs. Curly hair tickled the head of his penis.
"I've been waiting for the moment to fuck you my dear!" she whispered.
And with that, she sank down on me. Her labia wrapped around my cock and he sharply penetrated inside her.
Ma began to ride me slowly at first, but soon this jump turned into a holop.
After almost 20 minutes of such a jump, my cock exploded inside her with a stream of sperm.
Ma screamed and sat on me completely. The head of my penis rested against something. I felt how the muscles of her vagina squeeze my penis and it is irrigated with hot streams of her juices.
After resting a little, she got off me. At the same time, the fallen member made an interesting sound and the moisture of our love flowed from it onto my hips.
After that, our adventures began constantly.
Ma also attracted her cousin Bonnie to them.
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