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 I wanted to tell you how my adventures with my mother began. I recently turned 18 and when I came home I turned on porn, where a young guy fucks a mature mom. It was quiet at home and I decided that no one was there. So I turned it up, turned it on full screen, took off all my clothes and started jerking off. I watched in fragments, scrolling through the most interesting moments and after a couple of minutes I heard my mother's voice: "Good video"

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From surprise, my heart almost jumped out of my chest. I covered my penis with my hand and turned to my mother. She was standing right behind the back of my chair, and she was wearing a T-shirt that only covered the floor of my ass.
“I didn't know you were at home, I'm sorry,” I said in a trembling voice.
"And you like the older ones," my mother winked and continued, "You continue your occupation, you can't quit halfway through."
“I can’t be with you,” I say.
“Are you shy? I watched you jerk off for a few minutes. ”Mom said.
The member throbbed under my hands, and I could hardly restrain myself not to continue.
“I can't,” I said in a trembling voice.

Mom without a word took off her T-shirt, sat on the bed, spread her legs and began to masturbate. I couldn't hold back anymore and started jerking off.
“Yes, smart girl, go on,” moaned my mother and lay down on her back.

She jerked off with one hand, and with the other she held her chest. The porn that I didn’t turn off was in full swing and the actress's moans drowned out her mother’s moans, so I made a little quieter and continued to watch her caress herself. Mom changed her position, standing up cancer. She put her head down on the bed to look at me and inserted two fingers into her pussy. She had a pink stone plug in her ass. I really wanted to come up and drive my penis standing like a rock into her pussy and fuck with all my might, but I was afraid to do it and continued to masturbate.
"Slap my ass," Mom moaned.
I immediately got up and gave her a good slap on the ass.
"Oh, yes, more," she squeaked.
For a couple of minutes I periodically spanked her on the ass, trying not to stop jerking off.
“Okay, that's enough for now,” said my mother.
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I was left standing between her legs, holding her ass with one hand, while the other caressed the penis very close to her pussy, imagining how she sits on it and I start fucking her and cum inside.
From this I got even more aroused and the sperm was already ready to break out of me, so I periodically interrupted so as not to cum and my mother noticed it.
“Do you want to cum?” She asked.
“Yes,” I answered.
Mom immediately sat down and squeezed her tits with both hands: "Cum on me"
Obediently standing up, I sent a member to her chest and after a few seconds a powerful stream of sperm burst right at her. The jet was very strong and part of it flew over mom's shoulder onto the bed, and all subsequent volleys hit the target and there was a decent puddle between her boobs.
“This is what you end up with,” said my mother, smearing sperm all over her breasts.
“Overexcited,” I answered, breathing heavily.
"If you want to watch porn, look into my room in the evening," said my mother leaving the room.

I was shocked by what happened, but on the whole I was satisfied, I finished several more times, and in the evening, hearing the sounds of sex, I went to her room ...

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