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Hard sex with a rottweiler

   Angela was alone at the lake house; her husband was away yet again on one of his frequent business trips. Angela was a very beautiful, petite woman with large breasts, a slim waist, curvaceous bottom, and a pretty face that was framed by her long light red hair; she was very sexy by anyone’s definition. As she walked through the house on a sunny mid fall morning she thought about the longing she felt in her body. Her husband had left without satisfying her needs sexually and she was clad with only a towel around her curvaceous body, having just taken her bath. She looked out the window at the stillness of the lake, and touched herself. She continued to touch herself and her pussy got wet with arousal. Lost in herself while gazing out the window she noticed the neighbor’s Rottweiler walking through the backyard. She was aware that the large dog was male and a thought went though her mind. Unhappy with her husband for not fucking her before he left, she thought about his favorite fantasy. Having his wife get fucked by a dog. He was always downloading videos for them to watch, always talked to her while they were having sex about her being fucked by a dog, and even though she did greatly enjoy the talk and the videos, Angela had stated to him she would never act on his fantasy. However, now Angela has an idea, what a wonderful way to punish him for not fucking her, she would make his fantasy come true, she would fuck this dog to satisfy herself, and he would not be there to see it Though she was not realistically considering fucking the dog, Angela was keenly aware of the arousal she felt at the thought of the large Rottweiler’s penis penetrating her pussy and continued to touch herself. Angela wondered what it would feel like to have a dog, yet alone this dog who was big, and surely would have a large cock, fuck her wet pussy. She wondered if she could fit his mass inside her, what it would feel like to have his dog cock moving in and out of her, what it would feel like to have him cum inside her and for him to knot his cock in her. She felt like she was outside of her body as impulse sent her to the door calling the large dog over to her. She glanced left and right out the door and confirmed that no one was in sight, nor cared at mid morning what an attractive housewife, clad only in a towel would be doing calling the neighbors dog into her house. The docile dog happily came to the door, obedient and tame, it was easy for Angela to convince him to enter the house. She led him into the sunny living room and he happily followed her. She bent down on her knees to the dogs level, well almost, because on her knees his back nearly towered over her, as he was a very large animal. When Angela dropped to her knees her towel had fallen almost off, exposing her sensuous body, she felt her nakedness, and sunlight that had penetrated the windows shorn off her. She felt alive and stimulated. With towel misshapen, she looked at the large docile dog standing broadside to her. She looked at the large sheath that held his penis, and at his massive testicles. With the same almost out of body boldness that had propelled her to call the animal into her house, she reached out with a small hand and gently touched the sheath. The animal was aware of her touch but did not resist and remained happy and docile. Angela grabbed more aggressively at the large dog’s sheath and pulled on it, as she would have done to her husband’s cock to get him hard. The Rottweiler enthusiastically responded by rocking his hips in a fucking motion and his penis extended 4 inches out of the sheath. She looked at the length of the member (8 ½ inches) and was acutely aware of how the sight of the red-dog penis was affecting her now amply wet pussy. The dog continued to rock his hips and extended his whole 8-½ inch cock out. Angela then let go of his sheath and put her hand around his extended member. The Rottweiler eagerly fucked her hand, getting it wet with his already spurting cum. Angela tightened her cum wetted hand around the red-dog cock and again wondered what it would feel like to have his cock inside of her. At the thought, Angela’s whole body writhed sexually, she was shocked at the desire that now consumed her and could not believe she was actually jacking off the dog’s long 8-½ cock. Suddenly she then let go of the animal’s cock, shocked at her reaction and doubly shocked at the change created in the dog. From docile house pet to muscular fuck machine, the change was dramatic, instant, and brought on merely by her touch. She had awakened the dominate male part of the dog, and right now was the time to decide whether to take this further, be his bitch, or stop this silliness and take this beast back outside. Angela however, had little time to think as the big male deftly and unexpectedly spun around towards Angela’s back and wrapped his front legs tightly around her slender waist before she could blink. His mind was made up as to what direction this was going. He was “the” male dog and he “was” going to mount this delicious bitch and make sure she knew he was the alpha male by mating her and providing her a large donation of seed stored in his massive balls. At this point Angela could have simply sat down and let the dog hump ineffectively on her back. However, having watched numerous videos with her husband, (whom had given her the idea she had followed this morning), she leaned her head forward and got onto her hands and knees with the Rottweiler still mounting and humping aggressively. She placed the towel, which now did not hide her body, on the floor under hands and knees, one at a time, trying to gain comfort while balancing 165 pounds of humping dog simultaneously. The feel of the large warm animal with his front legs wrapped around her slim waist, made her pussy swell with more arousal than she thought possible. Angela could hardly believe she was doing this. She could feel the dog’s large, wet and very hot penis on her naked body as he humped away; desperately trying to penetrate her, the dog’s penis was either sliding in the crack of her buttocks or on her back as he could not find the mark. Balancing on one hand, resting on the towel, Angela reached underneath herself with her other hand. She grasped the humping dog’s extended penis and again, felt its warmth and length, and guided it towards her swollen wet pussy. Angela had never wanted to be fucked more badly in her life. She ached with desire, her head swam and she could not fight her way to any reasoning other than the current desire to have the Rottweiler fuck her. Her pussy was sopping wet, swollen, open and craving when the animal felt his cock finally guided to his mark by her hand. The dog made a furious thrust forward and penetrated her with one muscular move. Angela’s breath went out of her involuntarily at the brutal invasion of her body by the muscular animal on top of her. The dog was in her now and from the first initial thrust was fucking her as hard as he possibly could. The animal fucked her so brutally that she would have fallen onto her stomach had he not had his front legs wrapped around her slender waist so tightly that he in essence, held her up upright underneath his canine body. The living room echoed with a “slap slap slap slap slap” sound as the dogs loins and balls slapped against Angela’s curvy ass in a fast, frenzied rhythm. His massive cock fully penetrating her with every thrust. Angela let out involuntary moans of pure carnal sexual pleasure as the dog fucked her brutally. The Rottweiler, for his part, was without a care other than to fuck this bitch as hard as he possibly could. She was his and he was going to get his seed into her tight hot pussy. She could feel the entire length of his cock as he thrust it violently into her pussy along with the warmth of his large balls bouncing against her buttocks. His cock was pleasingly hot, and it felt very different than human cock. It quickly swelled in girth to almost double the size of her husbands. Angela’s red hair hung down around her face and her breasts swung front to back below her curvaceous body in rhythm to every savage thrust of the animal’s hips as he pounded over and over on her ass with his balls and loins. As the animal continued to impale Angela with his massive cock a wave of orgasms swept over her and Angela felt dizzy as her pussy tightened and pulsed against the finally slowing thrusts of the Rottweiler. She was aware now that for some time she had been fucking the Rottweiler back. She rocked her curvaceous ass into the wonderful cock buried inside of her. Back and forth on the giant member, she rocked. She relished her submittal to his dominance, the hotness of his member, its massive girth and length and the fact it was a canine penis inside of her. The enormous cock filled her as she had never been filled, and she was lost in her sexuality. Soon she was aware of yet another sensation. His cock had swollen quickly inside of her body at penetration and now she could feel his knot swelling also. The size was more than she wanted to bear and Angela stopped fucking and tried to move away from the beast, but the dog had his front legs wrapped so tightly around her waist that her attempted escape was futile. Within less than a minute the dog’s knot had swollen also. His massive knot, the size of a tennis ball was now lodged securely inside her tightened pussy. Angela’s could not believe she had somehow accommodated the giant member. Angela felt the Rottweiler expel jet after hot jet of his dog cum deep inside her pussy. Naked, on her hands and knees with the large panting Rottweiler resting on top of her, Angela could not escape the dog’s large member nor her sexual desires and she again started rocking her ass, fucking the massive, wonderful feeling cock buried in her tight pussy. Lost for 15 minutes in her sexual bliss, Angela’s rhythmic fucking finally slowed and the dog dismounted from her back, but could not exit Angela’s pussy as his knot was still too large, so he stood butt to butt with his bitch, his cock bent behind him, his balls pressed against her ass. At this point she tried to separate from the Rottweiler also. Sexually exhausted, she was ready for this to end, but her pussy was too tight and his cock too large She was forced to stay on her hands and knees as the dog’s cock continued to spurt his seed into her. She could feel every jet expelled inside her. She could feel his testicles tighten and release against her ass with every jet. Here was Angela on her hands and knees, fucked and exhausted, her beauty naked and exposed, with a Rottweiler cock filling her pussy. She was knotted with his balls pressed against her, forced to be filled with his cum like the bitch the Rottweiler had made her, just as her husband had dreamed her for so very long. Finally, after 20 minutes the dog’s penis at long last shrank. As the animal pulled away from his lusty bitch a half-cup of Rottweiler cum spilled from her swollen and well-fucked pussy. Embarrassed and hardly believing what she had just done, Angela quickly got up. Still naked, and in a daze she stumbled to the door, dog cum dripping down her legs, she let her now docile lover outside. If only her husband could have watched the wonderful spectacle. ~~~~ After her first experience with a canine partner, Angela went about her day in disbelief at what she had done, however thinking about the big dog fucking her with his massive cock and being his bitch, made Angela’s pussy tingle with arousal She thought about being on all fours, offering her curvy ass to the Rottweiler and inviting him to fuck her like the neighborhood slut desperate to have a dog cock fill her with puppy seed. The fact that she had done so, and greatly enjoyed it, made her feel so filthy. If she would have had an affair with another man, well that would have been bad enough, but for Christ’s sake, fucking a dog? After supper she sat down to watch television and her husband called from his trip and told her how much he missed her and that he was sorry he had not taken the time to fuck her. He said that while they had sex he would like talk to her about his favorite fantasy, a dog fucking her. Angela listened and said, “oh that sounds great honey,” all the while thinking of the incredible fucking she had gotten that very morning. As Angela hung up the telephone, she squirmed on the couch as desire overtook her. Her panties had become so soaked with wetness that she had to get up and change them and she was dismayed at her arousal. For the rest of the night she fought the recurring thoughts she had about the big dog and his massive cock, trying hard to forget what she had done. At bedtime Angela could stand no more and relented, allowing her thoughts to turn to the morning’s event. Her hand slid down under her fresh panties to her pussy, her middle finger sliding easily in between it’s wetted lips. She pleasured herself to climax, thinking about the big dog with his massive cock fucking her. She decided that night in bed, that she would submit to her lust and allow herself one more interlude before her husband came home. Even though she knew he would greatly enjoy knowing, let alone watching her get fucked by a dog, she would be too embarrassed to admit she enjoyed it. So…. he would never know; it would be her and the Rottweiler’s secret. Angela slept fitfully that night and woke at her usual time in the morning. She got her coffee, as was her habit, and had a plan. With purpose, she proceeded to take a bath at 8:00 AM. She lay back in the tub and shaved her pussy clean, as she did frequently. Angela looked at her breasts and admired their shape and wondered, as usual, if they still looked perfect at a 34 D cup. Her husband grew tired of frequently assuring her of their visual perfection, but always obliged with reassurance that she skeptically accepted. Angela got out of her bath and combed out her shoulder length light red hair. Her obsession with being attractive drove her to great lengths, and her efforts in the gym along with her diet, were repaid by the stunning looks she possessed. She looked at herself in the mirror and was pleased, at least today, at the shapely 105lb, hourglass 34-24-34 figure that reflected back at her. She thought, with abashed anticipation, on what she was about to do. Clad only in a towel, as was her habit after a bath, and timing her entrance into the living room, she went as she had done the previous morning. She looked out the windows at the lake. Same as yesterday, right on schedule, appeared her well-endowed sex partner, the male Rottweiler making his morning patrols of the neighborhood. With purpose, Angela went to the door and called the animal to the house. The dog came eagerly, remembering yesterday’s experience. With habit formed the day before, she looked left and right, insuring that no neighbors saw what she was doing. As the Rottweiler came through the door, Angela went into the living room with the dog following. She felt like such a naughty slut as she dropped the towel to the floor and stood naked, looking at the dog she was about to fuck, The taboo of fucking the dog greatly aroused her and she could feel her pussy becoming wet. She put a finger in between the lips of her pussy and touched her clitoris, feeling the moistness just created. She put her hand over her mound, middle finger still touching her clitoris and arched her hips into her hand, all the while admiring the mass that hung underneath the Rottweiler’s body. She looked at his balls, those balls that held so much seed and craved the feel of his cock inside of her. Angela kneeled, with her thighs underneath the Rottweiler and took his sheath in her small hand. With a firm grip, she rocked his penis inside the sheath, her pussy getting all the wetter at the feel of his cock. The Rottweiler reacted by rocking his hips and his penis protruded partially out of his sheath. Angela jacked harder on him and his whole penis protruded, cum already shooting in clear jets from his big cock. She let go of his sheath and grasped the exposed penis with her hand. The dog responded by enthusiastically fucking her hand. She could feel the dog’s dick growing larger in her hand and she had to adjust her grip to accommodate the growing member. Angela marveled at the dog’s cock. It was so long and wide in girth, dark red-purple, and very hot. It was so very very much larger than her husband’s dick. Clear dog cum spurted in jets onto her thighs resting underneath the dog. She aimed his spray at her pussy and allowed his cum to spurt onto her shaved mound. It ran down her pussy, in-between her vaginal lips, then onto her inner thighs, dripping off her naked ass onto the towel. The feeling of cum on her thighs, and weight of his heavy member in her hand made her stomach flip. Her pussy, now sopping wet and swollen, she craved his cock and felt so slutty with her forbidden lust. Angela got onto her hands and knees, offering her curvy backside for the dog to mount. Her delicious ass, with wet shaved pussy, swollen, open and craving, in front of the dog’s nose made an irresistible offer of sex, but the Rottweiler just stood there panting, his swollen cock hanging down. She put a finger in her pussy, masturbating on all fours, while her breasts hung perfectly below her body, her light red hair hanging down around her face. Horny and craving his cock she tried pushing her ass up against the Rottweiler’s font legs to spur him into mounting her, but he just moved a bit and panted, with his erect member hanging down spurting cum onto her living room floor. She was almost beside herself now wanting his cock to fill her, she wanted to be his bitch again, but her desire to jack the dog had backfired. By allowing the Rottweiler to become fully hard, she had caused his drive to mount her to become greatly diminished. Desperate now to have his cock, Angela had a thought. She took the towel and laid it down on the couch, lying down on top of the towel herself, she spread her legs and put her ass on the very edge of the couch. Angela called the Rottweiler, his massive swollen cock hanging underneath his body, over to the couch, and he docilely allowed her to pull him up on top of her. The dog obligingly stood over her. With his knot resting against her swollen mound, his cock was suspended in the air, and spanned the length of her body up to her navel, spurting it’s apparently limitless cum in between her breasts. She lifted her hips, rubbing her pussy lips and clitoris on his hard hot knot. Next she shifted back on the couch so that the tip of the Rottweiler’s member was at the entrance of her pussy, and allowed him to soak her pussy and clitoris more of his cum. Then she grasped her vaginal lips, her whole pubic area now soaked and wet with dog cum, spread herself wide, and slowly slid herself down onto the massive cock. As she released her hands, Angela let out a low moan as his cock slid into her, filling her lubricated pussy all the way to his knot. Angela hips raised, held still for a moment, savoring the feel of his hot, heavy member inside of her, his knot pushed against her opening and clitoris, but now too big now to fit inside of her. Angela then slowly released, letting his cock partially pull out. She didn’t care now how bad it would look to fuck a dog, it felt so very good. She started to fuck the dog, her movements slow, savoring the feel of the massive, weighty cock moving in and out of her freshly shaved pussy. The dog stood over her panting. She could feel his seed inside of her now and especially enjoyed the feel of his tennis ball sized knot pushing against her wet pussy lips. The towel under her ass was now soaked with dog cum and her own juices and she could not believe how incredibly turned on she was by the big dog dick inside of her. As she continued to slowly fuck the big cock inside of her, she took her hands and rubbed the dog cum deposited on her chest onto her breasts. Her nipples became hard, and her breasts glistened wet with Rottweiler cum. Angela presented a sensuous visual sight that, her husband, or any man, would have climaxed from seeing. With the massive Rottweiler on top of her, her body covered and wet with dog cum, his giant cock slowly moving in and out of her swollen soaked and shaved pussy all the way to his knot. She felt like such a dirty slut for enjoying fucking a dog. At long last her fucking had sufficiently stimulated the dog into fucking her back, but now instead of the frenzied fuck of yesterday, he fucked with slower motions. For 2 minutes he slowly fucked her, as she reciprocated and Angela felt her body peaking. Her rocking motions became faster and she drove him deeper and harder, her fucking becoming ragged and jerky. She let out a moan loud enough, that anyone in the back yard would have recognized the sound of a woman at orgasm. Angela, rested with his cock still inside of her, and laid back on the couch spent. The dog feeling her stop jumped down off the couch, pulling his cock out of her unceremoniously with a wet slurping sound. Angela let out a start in a high-pitched voice as she felt his cock slide out of her pussy. The dog panted, and licked his well-used member while Angela watched and recovered, with her naked body soaked in dog cum. After few minutes she let the beast, his cock shrunk and cleaned, his sexual needs satisfied, out to continue his daily rounds. Her husband was due back tomorrow afternoon. But, did she have to give up her new pleasure when he came back, or did she share her pleasure, his fantasy? That was the decision that Angela now faced.

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