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Now the fact that they are truly a mom and daughter combo is not in any way related to daughter being under age in fact her daughter is 23 and wanted to make sure that was said fully to all out there..

And the fact that after I had screwed them both together and found out they were both bi=fems and having that shock of my life and first ever mom daughter thing with that though her daughter is truly actually her step daughter which once I found that out the freakyness of it all wasn’t as bad.

Anyway having already written the story about the mom getting her first ever k9 experience etc. somehow her daughter discovered that my yellow lab had been sexually fullfilling the moms needs in way form and fashion.

So the next time her mom and I are together she explains to me that her daughter had found out that yellar as I call him was giving her pleasure and that indeed now her daughter had curious desires to try it but only if her mom were present and helped her or so her mom was telling me..

Well certainly I being one not to turn down a good opportunity to help a lady accomplish her pent up and hidden desires for beastiality and even more so for k9 pleasure that my lab was all to grateful and luving to pleasure a woman this way himself(it’s as if he smiles when he gets some). And his having already given the mom the pleasure of her life and buried his knot inside her that I swear to me and from her explanation of it literally shot and locked into her pelvic gone from her description it seems that happened. Anyway she asked me if I would help her get her daughter pleasured as she’d had and so I told her not yeah but hell yeah rock.gif

So we then got further into the subject some days later after yellar had given her another inner belly washing as I call it when he comes in a woman like he does and so she called her daughter aware that her daughters live in boyfriend was gone and asked her when she wanted to come over and party first of all and secondly get her curious desire for this answered first foremost and absolutely been there done that thing..So we sat the nite up for it all and a week or so later here comes mom and daughter to party a bit and also have her daughters desires met and answered.

Well so it seemed the daughter needed a little bit of that liqour makes it all go quicker thing and her mom was saying make her a good strong one she needs to get over this feeling she’s having about her guilts of thinking about this and into the full pledged desire for it.

So we had many rounds of good frozen margarittas for them with way extra tequilla added which of course made them both giggly intoxicated and soon her mom was messing with her by playing with her breast and rubbing her leg trying to describe that she was going to get screwed like she’d never been screwed and that once she felt yellars tongue up inside her she’d never be satisfied with a mans tongue ever again. And no doubt about that my lab is huge and his tongue is thick as hell and very long as well .. Hell in fact his tongue is probably way longer than most mens pricks are.. and by the way he gives mom a licking i’d say the thickness is in excess of many mens pecker as well..

So the mood was getting heavy into the avenue of the sexual feeling was abound at that moment and time per say and the mom was asking her daughter if she was ready for her nite to remember as the mom so termed it.

And not long after all this we were in the bedroom and all naked except myself this time which all I wanted out of this encounter was to help her daughter have yellar pleasure her and as they were getting undressed I went to the back door of which yellar was proudly in his obediant sitting stance as I opened the door as if he knew there was a woman in my house needing pleasured by him..

So I returned to my bedroom with yellar following proudly beside me waging his tail like it was a delight to be my pet and have the pleasure he was having with some of the women i’ve dated.. Though by no means was I even dating the mom or daughter because her moms married of course to her step daughters dad and is happy in the relationship but needs the cob webs per say knocked out of her depths that her husband just could reach.

But I found mom and daughter already locked up into a full pledged bi female thing as they were kissing each other and using their fingers inside each others pussy and both were moaning and groaning of their pleasure from that. Well mom noticed I and yellar were there first and got up and then said to her daughter to get up off the bed and she had a perfect place for this mating of course it’s fully known that I have a breeding seatie in my home that I built for the sole porpuse of a woman being able to lay over it either on her back of on her belly and extend her legs out as needed for that just right alignment to get screwed.

So mom helped her daughter lay on her back and got her legs wide open and planted as yellar was just there looking it all over and I swear he knows when he’s going to get to eat some pussy because his tongue starts lapping wherever he be at that moment which now was standing beside me as below us was the mom now leaning down and placing her daughters legs in just the right position fully exposing her beautiful and furr covered cunt for all the world to see and she was indeed already wet as hell of course the fingering her mom gave her surely helped that along but also her deep wanton pleasure to be fucked by yellar was in all that wetness to as she was looking at her mom and saying wha wha what dd d do does he do do momma and her mom said he will of course lick you first then you can either get screwed by him on your back or turn over then and take it like a woman..

Well once that was sort of said and done I knew that was my key to get yellar started before her daughter could chicken out and let her mental guilt over take her desire for this pleasure before her.. So her mom then sat down on the floor beside the breeding seatie and right at her daughters own right leg and reached up and began to play with her pussy and looked at yellar and said do you want some of this boy do you want some of my daughters beautiful pussy? Well yellar certainly needed no more than to hear that and I swear I think that dog knows what we humans talk about.. Anyway she was rubbing her daughters pussy and spreading her lips apart to give not only me a full view of the inner beauty of her daughters cunt so wet and absolutely glistening with her wanton desire for pleasure. While her mom looked up at me and said get him over here to do his duty for her pleasure so that said I looked at yellar and pointed in the direction of where her daughter lay spread out and ready for the pleasure of her lifetime and he knew absolutely what that meant and made all but a flying lunge between her open legs as the daughter gasped and moaned loudly as yellar buried his head between her legs and gave her a licking from her ass to her cunt and as if he were just testing the taste of her he stopped and then once again put his huge snout between her legs again and this time he feverently began to lick her pussy as the daughter was moaning and crying out oh oh oh iiii it it’s so so so goood as her mom was still holding her cunt lips open and trying ever harder to keep them that way as her daughter was squirming wildly how her ass coming up off the seatie at yellars laping tongue.

And when yellar did at last bury his long and thick as hell tongue in her pussy the poor girl went absolutely bezerk and all but passed out from the intensity of her orgasm as her body trembled all over and her legs became more like dish rags as collasped into that after powerful orgasm thing women do from such an orgasm.

But yellar kept on licking as deep into her as he could retrieving all the wonderful juices her cunt was providing him as the mom said is it good hunnie and all her daughter could do was try and nodd her head yes as she was catapulted like a human out of a cannon into another powerful orgasm as yellar licked that pussy for all it was worth until she absolutely lost all but consciousness and her mom then released her cunt lips and yellar stopped his tongue assault of her pussy leaving her cunt gaped open from his stretching it out so with his thick tongue and her cunt lips were swollen with that filled out thing women get there from absolute pleasure and stimulation of them.

Her mom certainly left not one ounce of time inbetween her licking and her breeding because she absolutely flipped her daughter right over onto her belly and tugged her down until her knees were solidly planted on the floor and all but numbly holding her ass in the air and alsmost falling onto her side from being so out of it from his tongue pleasure alone..

And no doubt yellar knew the next stage of all this all to well as his redish pink tip of his cock became fully exposed and the mom made a few more adjustments of her daughters body and then looked at me and said get him to mount her before she comes to and is to far gone to want more.. Well indeed all I had to do was point and yellar made a lunge then and there onto her back of course my knowing that you are far better off socking up their front legs to make it more pleasure and less scratching and injuries from that.. As she was all but gasping out as she felt his weight and his paws gripping around her small and tiny waist and then he moved himself up for the kill so to speak as his cock was halfway extended from his sheath now and he stabbed at her swollen and desperately wanton cunt lips as her head flung about on the pillow now under her head and shoulders that is perfect for that time a woman needs when having to rest and being so wore out from such a glorious screwing as yellar can give a woman..

And her mom absolutely reached under the two of them and grasp his sheath and aimed it right at her daughters pussy as yellar knew all to well what that was for since i’ve guided him numerous times into the tunnel of absolute pleasure on a woman.. And just as his cock touched her swollen with need cunt lips she gasped out and shivered all over knowing good and well it was yellars cock there and he sent it up into her several inches just as I had trained him to do is give his bitch that first feeling of a red hot dick inside her and the feeling that she knows then she’s gotten her k9 cock inside and her legs were shaking and wobbling and had it hot been for yellars good grip around her waist all would have been lost to her falling flat over.

And she was gasping and moaning aloud trying indeed to say something but her words were so tangled up with her being no more than consciously aware yellar had his hot cock in her pussy now. And given fact as well that her mom was now saying oh I know baby it’s so hot isn’t it as her daughter replied with a half hearted nodd yes and her moans were that of total and complete pleasure as yellar braced his back legs and then drove as far into her as he could go leaving her cunt lips to absolutely have his sheath wedged into them in such a site i’d never seen before and her pussy was quivering and I swear it was like it was trying open it’s mouth and swallow his hot dog cock in it and she was coming all him and wetting his sheath still buried in her cunt lips at this point until he back his hind legs back and then shoved as hard as he could once again into her now clutching and quivering cunt as she was coming totaly for his cock now her guilts washed totaly away and her desire to at last be pleasured as no man could pleasure her..

So yellar began a steady and fast pistoning at her pussy making ever more of his absolutely long cock go inside her until after a few stabs of this there was no doubt he had hit bottom and the daughter was shaking all over and moaning loudly and now each time he shoved forward she gasp out and her head tried it’s best to fling around and no doubt he was giving bottom a good pounding as hell and added to that was the fact that her own mom was sitting right there having just let go of aiming yellars sheath and cock into her daughters pussy that she then reached over and grasp her daughters beautifull and perfectly rounded butt cheeks that already were jiggling madly each time yellar would thrust and hit them with his body and her mom seemed to be working her hands between the two of them trying as it seemed to cushion yellars solid hitting of her ass cheeks but more so that was the thing that her mom had gotten her hands somehow between her daughters ass cheeks and then and there spread them wide open which made yellars cock absolutely hit bottom with a vengance then as her daughters head tried to fling up and she gave out a loud sounding hmmmnnnngh like the wind was being knocked plum out of her and probably that was mixed in the fact that yellar now was absolutely hitting bottom hard as can be and the daughter came another round of those gut wretching and mind boggling orgasms.

And her mom surely added to all this by leaning up and having yellars huge head all but towering above her daughters own churning and tossing about head and said oh I know it it’s so good isn’t it ?? Do you like yellars hot doggy cock hunnie?? And all her daughter could do was moan out ever louder as her body was rocked with the powerful orgasm she was having as yellar was now fucking her madly and with absolute powerful strokes as suddenly something seemed to give way in her pussy depths and she gave out a loud scream then of more a gruntal thing of what was happening inside her pussy as a scream of pain or anything and her mom then said did he get in something deep in you hunnie and her daughters head gave another half hearted nod of yes as she was starting to sweat all over her body and of course having something as huge as yellar is from head to foot probably made the temperature rise but it was the heat her pussy was getting and even more so since i’d saw that yellars cock sank even deeper and then as if it were stuck there his cock continued to fuck her wildly and beastialy..

And at that point of her being fucked as never before and something no man can certainly match or be grateful to even feel that a womans cervix has opened up to him and allowing even deeper penetration into her womb from there of which yet another first for her daughter since she’d never experienced and had the womanly knowledge of child birth.

But as her mom was telling her over and over again what he was doing her little ass cheeks being jiggly bounced about by yellars slapping them with harder and harder wantoness of his desire to fuck her like she’d never been before and then out from his sheath began to appear his knot as it came forth from it’s hidden territory to battle with her pussy in taking it and began to absolutely slap at her swollen and fully stretched open cunt lips as his cock could be seen swelling out ever greater as the daughter was going crazy now and sweat rolling off her body like a water sprinkler wetting her back and sides and I’ve seen women sweat like this from the heat of the mating and the fact that no doubt yellar must have one really hot cock because women do indeed sweat like that when mating with him..

But no doubt the daughter was in a bliss of sexual pleasure now as her head was rolling side to side and her loud moans were ever more in the midst of complete unawareness of the world but what her pussy was getting and that was her first ever k9 male cock inside her and providing pleasure she’d never known could even be unless having experienced it first hand..And her pussy was clutching and squeezing wildly at yellars cock and she was coming all over his red hot rod of pleasure and his knot still not even swollen out at all just becoming prominant that she was damn sure feeling something else bigger than his cock knocking at her wantong and oh so wet and clutching cunt making it ever more becoming louder and louder with the wet sounds his knot was making by hitting her cunt lips and can’t say how long that continued for I was far to well into the throes of watching this action before me and seeing things I’d actually not really seen before.

And she was absolutely shaking her entire body and shuddering and her little tiny belly was writhing and spasming as yellar was giving that cervix one hell of a workout with his osbone. And suddenly he shoved as hard as he could and his knot sank right up into her pussy making her head come right up off the breeding seatie and pillow and a scream of unnnnnnghghhhhhhnnnngh came from her as her ever muscle and such in her body shuddered and then a predominate showing just above and slightly into her pubic mound now pertruded from under her giving all a few view that he had wedged his knot in her pussy and now was swelling out as he began to pump faster and faster and faster in short but hard stabs and then she flung her head up and cried out oh hehehehehe’s he’s hes’ and fell back into her subconscous state and her pussy was for sure now quivering like hell and her cunt lips were all but trying their damndest to clutch out at him and then yellar gave his costumary loud whelping whimper and suddenly he lay right over on top of her his tongue hanging out and his loud dog sounding gasp for his own air filled the room as the daughters body was shivering and shaking and her ass cheeks jerking wildly as she could even try to move them as her little belly ballooned out from being filled as never before inside her virgin womb as only her own cries of oh it’s oh it’s oh it’s hooottttttt oh so hottttt were coming from her but barely in the form of being able to understand her cries in a clear sense of the saying.. But her mom knew it all and all to damn well at that as she now said is yellar squirting my girl full of hot doggy cum is he making your little belly swell from it all being captured in your little womb and the daughter could only loudly grunt unnnnhghhgh in a meaning of yes and she all but lost all feeling in every part of her body but her moms holding her ass cheeks open and yellars death grip on her waist kept there for anything yellar wanted to do..

Well her belly was absolutely quivering and tumbling it seemed as his hot seed was giving her womb a washing she’d never forget and his head had joined hers as if two lovers over on top of each other totally wasted and without another ounce of strength to move as both were gasping for air and the daughter letting out gasping sounds of hummmnnnnn as it seemed in time to my seeing yellars balls jerking and quivering still filling her little womb ever greater and now it had slowed to both just laying there completely satisfied as her mom was rubbing her ass cheeks saying to her daughter that she was now tied with yellar and his knot had them sealed toghether for the rest of the mating ritual.

That seemed to now become a still venture thing as her mom was saying is it good hunnie is it good and her daughter moaning out as best she could as the heated cum in her now fully filled womb was still stirring it’s heated warmth of pleasure inside her as her belly was rippling just as it had been throughout her breeding session and now finally the lower abdomen of her being swollen out by his knot now swollen to her abilities to even handle was slowly receding back and of course yellar having known all this from training and experience to let himself lay on top of a woman until that indeed went down before any attempt on his part to pull out of her.

And her mom now aware of all this said I know hunnie your little belly is so swollen and it’s so hot inside your little womb as the daughter seemed to moaningly agree to her moms words and then her mom said he’s going to pull out soon and your going to feel the wildest thing ever in your life when your womb dumps out his hot cum from you and you’ll know why your belly swelled like it has..

Then with that yellar pulled out of her pussy leaving it gaped open and his hot cum spewing from it as her mom totaly leaned over between her daughters still spread open legs and began then and there to lick and eat all that yellar had put in her daughters pussy as the daughter was mumbling and moaning aloud now seemingly coming back to life she was grunting and groaning as she was trying her best to get herself back together mentally her moms continued sucking and licking her pussy made her body shudder and shiver all over and then her mom stopped once the mess was sucked all up from her now gaped like hell pussy as she was trying to somehow get senses about herslef as her mom raised up licking and cleaning her now soaked chin with the back of the hand and her daughter just absolutely fell over the breeding seattie totally drained and fell asleep then and there leaving her mom still cleaning the cum mess from her face and sat down beside her daughter and laid over onto the breeding seattie herself and rested as yellar was now back beside me cleaning up the remnants on his sheath and such from it as well.

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